The Top Five TV Shows of the Past Decade and One Year

Last year at decade’s end, I compiled a few best of and worst of lists to commemorate the first 10 years of the new millennium. However, when doing this, for some reason I neglected to compile any sort of list for my favorite entertainment medium; television.

And seeing as how I am without question the most reputable voice of opinion on the internet, it doesn’t seem fair to the masses who suckle at my every word not to put something together regarding my opinion on TV. So with that, here are the shows that wielded through the cluttered reality TV mess of the past several years and showed there will always be a place for quality, scripted television.

Honorable Mentions:

The Office (US Version, NBC), Modern Family (ABC) Extras (HBO/BBC), Arrested Development before it became unbearably smug and entirely self-referential (ie, Season One)

5. Flight of the Conchords (HBO)

Sure, this import from New Zealand only ran for two seasons. And sure, only one of them was truly good. But if there was any one season that yielded a spot on this list on its own individual merits, it’s the first season of Flight of the Conchords.

From the quirky songs, hilariously bizarre dialogue and situations and a nearly perfect cast, FOTC was one of the great comedy creations when it hit the airwaves in 2007, and even though it petered out surprisingly quickly, it still left a lasting impression on me and dozens of others.

4. Mad Men (AMC)

Perhaps the most critically acclaimed series of the past few years, it took me a few seasons to truly embrace this series about sexy people and their sexy adventures in the sexy world of 1960’s Madison Avenue Advertising. While I’ve enjoyed it from the get-go, for some reason it just didn’t make an overwhelming impact right away.

However, over the past few years, series creator Matthew Weiner (allegedly pronounced “why-ner.” Yeah, fucking right!) and the rest of the cast and crew have pulled me in with some of the most intricately plotted dramatic television today. And while it did create one of the most shockingly bizarre scenes in recent memory, Mad Men is arguably the least flashy great show of its time, and must be credited for being compelling without feeling as if it needs to constantly dazzle its audience.

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[Best “So Bad It’s Good” Movie of the Decade] “The Room”

Unable to shake my obsession with compiling end of the decade lists, I’ve decided to compile another. After taking a brief sabbatical to lick the wounds I endured via a string of grammatically poor and incorrectly assumptive insults from Dredg fans, I’m back with a new list which would likely be the bastard child created if my best movies and worst things of the decade lists had contraception free intercourse.

The result is this, my loving tribute to the 2003 film The Room, a film so startlingly incompetent in its execution it is one of the oh so rare entertainment nuggets that truly does have to be seen to be believed. Continue reading

The REEL Top 5 Movies of the Last Decade

My talented, dedicated, and extremely handsome Everyview Editor Clay casually listed his Top 5 Movies of the last decade, and it really got me thinking. Mainly because, as great as those 5 movies were, I don’t believe they are the finest achievements of the last ten years. Adaptation would be a little farther back, most likely in the 15-20 range. United 93 and Oldboy are both fine movies, but the fact that I never want to rewatch those films really effects my impression of them. And No Country For Old Men? It wasn’t even the best film of 2007!

Now, these are not my favorite films, necessarily. They are the films I think are the BEST of the last decade, overall. The ones that are destined to stand the test of time, and in twenty years, will be films people still watch and identify as a “classic”. It’s very hard to narrow down to 5, by the way. Especially when covering 10 years. Continue reading