[Candy Review] Mint Rocket Chocolate

Cue Rocket Man music
Out there… flying through the air. Red Bull gives you wings? This stuff known as Rocket Chocolate is supposed to make you fly through the air faster than a speeding bullet. But is it all that it claims? It says that it has twice the caffeine. But it doesn’t say what product it has twice as much caffeine as. Another part of the package says ‘Boosts like a cup of coffee’. Of course the package doesn’t list anything at all.

I couldn’t find anything on their site, so there’s really no telling at all what is in it. Bad score there. Bad form, too. The little package does, however, have a little drawing of a rocket ship. Each wrapper is differently colored according to flavor. The ingredients list on this one (Chocolate Mint flavor) states milk chocolate, lecithin, vanillin, coconut oil, caffeine, natural peppermint oil, glycerine. It also has a warning that it may contain traces of peanut butter. Good thing I’m not allergic to that.

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[Energy Review] Barium Energy Powder (Black Cherry)

I am sad to say  I have been poisoned. Yes, poisoned. By Barium.

Oh wait… Are you telling me it was just a candy? Well then! Nevermind. I’ll be perfectly fine. Barium Energy Powderis one of the newer flavors ofpowders made by Harcos Labs. I have had a lot of horrible-tasting powders just like my fellow reviewer has had horrible mints.

I was a bit sketchy about trying the powder from Harcos Labs because of these previous experiences. So, I just ordered one tube and I am wishing I had ordered more. Find out why in a second…

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[Restaurant Review] Stockholders


I’m back with another review to dish out.

My mother’s birthday was this week so as tradition in our family we dine out that night. My family is quite a picky bunch of eaters, my sister and dad are happy with simpler food or a steak but no seafood, my grandmother has to have seafood that is soft enough for her to eat, and my mother can be a tad selective as well. This time we decided to try out a new restaurant in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Stockholders is a seafood and chophouse that has a price range between $13 – $25 per entrée. The exterior of the restaurant is the first thing you’ll notice if you park in the back lot. The overwhelmingly delicious smell of burning oak wood pours into the street. The interior was nice. It included two giant crystal fish tanks, Wall Sreet themed wall decoration and neutral colors on the floors and walls.

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[The Everyview Update] 2/28/10

Before we let you know what reviews we’ve currently got under way, we would like to apologize for the recent lack of posts. We’ve all been really busy and really broke. Really, really broke. But hopefully things will start to pick back up soon, as we’ve got a brand new writer joining the team this week. We’ll leave the introduction up to him, but hopefully he’ll bring a lot to the site.

Anyway, here are some of the reviews currently in the works:

  • Product review for Nuclear Energy
  • Black Dynamite Movie Review
  • No More Heroes 2 Wii Review
  • Smackdown VS Raw 2010 Wii Review
  • Microsoft Zune HD Tech Review
  • HTC Hero for Sprint Tech Review
  • Wheaties Fuel Food Review
  • Vuka Workout Energy Drink Review

[The Everyview Update] 01/25/10

Hey guys, hope all is going well. There really haven’t been any big changes or updates that we need to talk about this week. We are going to start adding a “Coming Soon” section to the Updates, starting with this issue. We won’t get to everything that we put on the list every week, but it will give you at least a decent idea of what to expect in the upcoming week.

Coming Soon:


  • Sugar Free Neuro Fuel
  • Vuka Awaken
  • Wheaties Fuel
  • An exclusive interview with John Wozniak, the frontman of Marcy Playground


  • Banquet Frozen Dinners


  • A list of the five most underrated actors in Hollywood


  • Fortress, the newest album from Protest the Hero
  • Mass Effect 1 and 2

I’d say that’s going to make for a pretty exciting week!

[The Everyview Update] Video Review Show on the Way!

Yep, you heard right! We’re going to delve into the wonderful world of internet porn video reviews with our very own little show! Everyview: The Video Review Show, as it will be titled, will be released in episodes every… well however long it takes our fat, lazy asses to finish each episode. Of course there will still be plenty of mega sweet written content for our readers to enjoy, these episodes are simply an expansion.

For the first episode we’ve got three wonderful products slated for review: the Ped Egg, Sonic’s Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito, and the e-Cigs, a more environmentally friendly and high tech way to get cancer. Of course these are all subject to change for whatever reason, and we might even add something if it comes up in time for filming.

Until next time, keep reading Everyview! Oh, and click on some of the newly placed ads along our sidebar to make sure we get to eat this week. Zac and Brandon always eat, and it shows. The rest of the crew? Maybe you should pray for them tonight. They’re looking pretty sickly.

[Everyview Update] New Year’s Resolution

Holy Cow, it’s a brand new year and… nothing feels any different.

Dammit. By now we should’ve had pollutant-free gasoline for 6¢/gallon to fuel our flying cars. Instead we’ve got war and a broken economy. I blame republicans and rap music.

Anyway, as is the case with every New Year, we are falsely promised a new beginning and presented with the opportunity to challenge ourselves to meet a New Year’s Resolution! We’ve heard them all. “I am going to lose weight,” “I am going to try harder in school,” “I am going to find a job,” “For every penguin I shave I will plant a seed in the city,” and the list goes on.

Of course, no one ever lives up to these hallow goals. Still, that doesn’t keep us from wanting to know what you’ve promised yourself to accomplish before 2011! Feel free to let us and everyone else know what goals you will be failing to meet this year in the comments section below!

The Top Ten Video Games of the Decade (2000 – 2009)

It’s the end of the first decade of the New Millennium already. We’ve survived the Y2K bug, four years of George W. Bush, a terrorist attack on America, four more years of George W. Bush, Global Warming, the passing of icons such as Michael Jackson and Billy Mays, and what do we have to show for it?

Games. We’ve seen countless titles released for several systems. We’ve witnessed a generation’s death which birthed a fresh generation that then perished to make room for yet another generation. And we’ve played through all of this until our thumbs began to bleed. But what were the highlights of this decade? What were the best games from 2000 – 20009?

That’s something that we’ll never be able to agree on. In this post we have listed the Top Ten Video Games of the past decade as it pertains to six different members of the Everyview staff. You’ll love some picks and hate some others, so feel free to compliment us or call us idiots in the comments section. Also, feel free to leave your picks for the top ten games this decade. Continue reading

[The Everyview Update] What Did You Get For Xmas?

Ah, Christmas. Celebrating yon virgin Mary and sweet Baby Jesus. A time when people come together to show love and caring. The only day of the year when you get to give gifts to those near your heart. Most important, you get awesome presents!

Really whatever holiday you celebrate, I think you’ll agree that the winter holiday season is the best time of the year. Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Krampus, Bodhi, or Festivus, it doesn’t matter. Actually, a lot of those holidays don’t involve presents at all…

Anyway, for this edition of The Everyview Update, we want to know what you guys got from good ol’ Santy Claus or the Magical Hanukkah Fairy or whatever it’s called.