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Monster Import is the newest flavor of Monster Energy. ‘Import’ isn’t just a fancy word they slap on the front of the can for connoisseurs like myself, no, the drink is actually imported straight from Amsterdam, the official home of public fornication and casual drug abuse. If you don’t want to try Import for the fact that it is a new Monster, then at least try it for that.

Straight from the can:

While in Europe last summer at the Spanish Moto GP, we saw a cool re-sealable can and knew it would be perfect for Monster. The can company said, “only available in Europe.” We said, “B.S., we gotta have it!”
Next stop Amsterdam, Holland and specialty plant to fill the funky can with our new super premium Monster Import formula. Monster Import has a clean, smooth Euro-flavor, less calories, but still gets you off as good as the original.
If you can open and close the can with one hand you probably dated a lot when you were younger.


Monster Import’s biggest selling point is easily the new tab on the top of the can. Made by a company called Ball-Packaging, the new cap twists to open and twists back to close. It’s an awesome technology that does its job amazingly well. In fact I trusted the resealable top to keep my Monster contained that I actually carried one around in a messenger bag that was also carrying two books, my camera, my DSi, various chargers, and my laptop computer.

Honestly I forgot the Monster was in there, but what’s it matter? Everything was bone dry and not a drop of liquid escaped the can. Now, this new tab is not to be confused with the Mega Monster, a drink that uses a technology called CAP CAN, which is essentially nothing more than an aluminum cap on top of a can (hence the name). In fact, that technology had once impressed me with its innovative design, but this easily blows it away and is several times more efficient at keeping your drink carbonated and contained.

The only complaint I have about the new tab is that every time you open the damn thing it shoots Monster all over the place. This is particularly obnoxious when driving as you have to use two hands to open it without getting the sugary liquid all over you car, one to pop the top and the other to hold over the opening to catch the eruption and defend your precious pleather seats.

Aside from that the new cap does its job wonderfully. It keeps your drink safely inside its container and retains carbonation as well as any bottle. The lid does obstruct the flow of liquid slightly, so you won’t be able to pound these back as easily as you may be used to, but the cascade showers at a comfortable level regardless.

Enough about the new can design, let’s talk about the what’s inside!

After tearing open my first can of Monster Import I leaned in to get a whiff of the sweet aroma venting from the aperture. It’s really hard to tell if it smells any different from the original Monster, especially with a big chunk of plastic between your nostrils and the drink, but it seems to be about the same. I didn’t notice any outstanding differences, at least.

MonsterImportcapBut when it comes to taste, the separation between the two is much more noticeable though still very subtle. It tastes like the American blend at the roots, but has a much sweeter, heavier flavor that makes the drink more pronounced upon your taste buds. The differences are slight enough so that you can drink this interchangeably with the original yet pronounced enough so that it stands apart from the original as its own product.

Import carries the same awesome, high quality energy kick Monster is known for. No jitters, shakes or crash. Instead Monster Import will give you an uplifting charge that really punches you into high gear for two or three hours. You’ll notice increased stamina and concentration, and you’ll have a ridiculous urge to move continuously. It’s a great feeling that tapers off slowly leaving you feeling just as you were before drinking it.

Monster Import comes in an 18.6 ounce, 2.3 serving container for the fair price of around $2.50 – $2.75. I have seen it on shelves with a price tag of over $3, which is ludicrous. Don’t give these greedy corporate bastards any more than you would give the average greedy corporate bastards for a can of Import, as $2.75 is probably the average tag.

Final Words:

Monster Import’s innovative new twisting tab design works flawlessly and is guaranteed to keep your drink where it’s supposed to be. The drink itself tastes very much like the original Monster blend, only sweeter and more smooth. It can be drank as a replacement, in addition to, or interchangeably with the original formula without a problem. I definitely recommend picking it up and giving it a shot yourself.

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  • Awesome new tab
  • Actually keeps your drink carbonated and contained
  • Tastes like a sweeter, richer version of the original
  • Fairly priced


  • Opening the can often squirts a small eruption of Monster, which is annoying

Score: 9.1/10 (Amazing)

Aroma: 9.0/10 (Smells a lot like the original, almost indistinguishably so)
Taste: 9.5/10 (A sweeter, richer, and smoother-tasting Monster Energy)
Kick: 9.25/10 (That same great kick Monster is known for)
Value: 8.0/10 (Reasonably priced)

41 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] Monster Import

  1. Delicious. And I can close them and stick them in the fridge while at work and drink it later. I really love them.

  2. Did you get this online, or did you find it in town somewhere. The way you described the flavor it sounds delicious, and the cap design looks cool as hell. I’ve known the CAP CAN technology from Jolt energy drink (which I love), but this looks like it could easily replace even the old time classic of aluminum tops itself.

  3. @Randy

    Sweet man, make sure you stop back by and let everyone know what you thought of it


    I found them at local gas stations. It took a lot of looking around, but I have seen them at a Speedway, 500 Express, Marathon, and Circle K so far. It takes some looking to find a place that already carries them, and they are almost never in the standard energy drink section, instead in a separate cooler somewhere else, so keep an eye out everywhere you go!

  4. Weird. I’m from the Netherlands and I’ve never seen these cans.

    On an unrelated note: gotta love how Americans see Amsterdam.. “the official home of public fornication and casual drug abuse.”

  5. They just started carrying this stuff in the gas station down the road from me. It’s wonderful and could very well prove to be my new drink of choice.

  6. I picked one of these up at the beach and it was over $3, but I really wanted to try it and hadn’t seen it where I live. It was good but I love the original Monster and didn’t notice enough difference to justify the crazy price. You can’t beat the amazing kick of a Monster lol.

  7. Monster is a great drink! Now Monster Import is great also but it can be recognized as another open-door to success!

  8. Cons

    * Opening the can often squirts a small eruption of Monster, which is annoying

    this isn’t a con if you know better and open it slowly like I do and most of everyone who has tried it…LMAO

  9. Well I feel stupid, I assumed from “resealable” that meant actually taking it off. Oh well, I know not to pull it next time lol.

  10. Yeah, I just had my first one the other day! I love how smooth it tastes and the top is wonderful. It was funny though, when my friend went to try it, opened it up, and Monster spat all over his face! (I hadn’t warned him. Woopsie. ^ ^)

  11. These monster imports are pretty bomb specially when you go replace a windshield on one of the express monster vans and the guy gives you a 24 pack of imports for FREEE! Haha that was tight!

  12. My local convenience store just got these in, and it seems to be a pretty cool turn for Monster and cans, etc.

    4.85$ CAD made me cringe, but I had to try it.

    Cringing again, here!

  13. i love the taste… but the store where i live sells em for $5.10 each.. like wtf?

  14. Good review. I love this drink. It is almost the only energy drink I genuinely enjoy the taste of. Saw it on sale at CUB and cleaned out the shelf (about 10 cans).

  15. If its from Amsterdam then is there bud in it??? What other reason would there be for making it in the public drug fornication place???

  16. I love these things. The taste is FAR better than the regular can ..Other Monster drinks have somewhat of an over caffinated tase to them. These are alot more mellow, and where I live a lot cheaper than a regular can. by about $2.00 …I just bought one at the local Circle K for $2.10…Can’t beat that …and the design on the can is pretty sweet too ..They need to come out with these in Monster JAVA forms, Those are my fav product from Monster. I drink one every morning (loca moca) before work and im good for hours and hours …

  17. I Love these. This is my favorite Monster Drink…I save the stickers and have them on my Dash….lol

  18. actually, it tastes more like the low carb version of the original. I don´t like it

  19. wow offical place of public fornication and drug abuse fuck off dumb fuck people dont just fuck each other in the streets

  20. I am gonna pick up one of these and a Import light. Ths for the review. I hope I like it as much as you do

  21. You forgot to mention that, not only does it taste better and is larger than the original, but it contains less than half the sugar.
    I see myself as somewhat of an energy drink connoisseur and this one is my current fav.

  22. drinking one right now! i love the flavor and how it stays true to the original brand not giving me some completely different flavor… doesn’t make you jittery and had the same effect of the original monster… i agree with the price that you pay a couple extra cents and get 2.6 more oz. of the wonderful monster… also like the stickers, put them on back of phone and on laptop… another great drink from Monster Energy, and nice review

  23. I prefer rockstar or red bull and I seldom drink regular monster but I happen to see this monster import at my local cvs. So I purchased a can and I must admit that it taste by far much better then the regular monster drink. The taste is smooth but very sweet and not to carbonated like other energy drinks. The sealable top is convinent because who in the hell wants to drink close to 20 oz of energy drink in one sitting.

  24. 4.40 at the servo’s or 2.50 at coles! Send me a case please! Lol
    Bloody Aussieland ripoff!

  25. The monster import is so fucking worth it especially when you take the sticker and put it on the bottom of the can. It makes it so much better

  26. Pretty bomb, but more expensive than the original and to me, not any better. I’ll stick with mega monsters for $3 in CT. They’re 50 cents more than the regualr size and half a can more energy. I love talking about energy drinks online. AWESOME. And GO EUROPE…. DRUGS and FORNICATION RULE

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