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Monster has been a leader in its industry for as long as I’ve had an interest in energy drinks. They have managed to attain their high status by constantly mastering every new innovation the industry sees. Java Monster, Juice Monster, Monster Hitman–Every time a new form of energy drink comes out, Monster is right there perfecting it and creating top-notch products.

But lately Monster has been the industry’s lead innovator as well. Things started off with Monster Import and its brilliant new resealable can design, an innovation that proved worthy of the hype. And now Monster is introducing Nitrous Monsters, the first energy drinks ever to be nitrogenated.

The hype surrounding this new line of drinks is pretty hot, but does the end product manage to live up to everyone’s expectations?

Straight from the can:

Nitrous Oxide makes your car faster at the Drags, but put in a drink? Call us crazy, but we combined Nitrous Oxide with Carbon Dioxide in a precise ratio and injected it into our potent Monster Energy base. Nitrous Monster has a unique texture, smooth drinkable flavor and buzz that’s bigger than ever.

This is no “Whip-It”, but it will whip you good…


Let me start off by saying that the cans are absolutely gorgeous. Each drink comes packaged in a 12 oz can with the same shape as the 24 oz Mega Monsters, even possessing the same CAP CAN technology. Printed across each can are awesome patterns designed to create a personality that matches each drink’s flavor while adding a certain level of vicious attitude. The end product is fantastic, and these are some of the best cans I’ve seen for any mainstream energy drink.

I would, however, like to gripe about the fact that instead of using the resealable cap found on Monster Import, Monster decided to switch back to the CAP CAN. While it works just fine, it is leagues below Imports revolutionary tab. But I do admit, the cans look a lot more like tanks of NOS with the aluminum tops.

Now on to the topic of the Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous Monsters are the first energy drinks on the market to be infused with Nitrous Oxide. This provides a unique, one of a kind texture that is absolutely unique to this line of drinks. It’s only a matter of time before this formula is mimicked and copied to no extent, but we’ll just have to wait and see if anyone is able to do it better.

There are three unique flavors of the new line of products, each very distinct. Super Dry is a lime flavored drink and is the first energy drink to ever get a 10/10 for its aroma, but lost points for the overly sour flavor. Killer-B is honey flavored and is the most unique of the three. Finally, Anti Gravity is a tropical pineapple flavored beverage that is the least stand-out of the drinks. Below I have included a link to each drink’s review along with a brief snippet. Enjoy!

Our Super Dry Review

Super Dry is the first product in Everyview history to earn a perfect 10 for its delicious and wonderful aroma. And while that perfection doesn’t translate well into taste, the wonderful frothy texture from the unique nitrogenation process makes this product worth trying at least once.

Our Killer-B Review

Killer-B is a delicious, one of a kind drink, and I have never tasted anything like it. From the unique frothy texture only found in Nitrous Monster to the amazing Monster kick, this drink is a definite winner and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Our Anti Gravity Review

Anti Gravity has an awesome, fruity aroma with a tropical, tangy flavor that fits perfectly with the foamy, frothy texture brought about by the unique nitrogenation of the beverage. In fact, the nitrous oxide is the only thing that keeps Anti Gravity from being “normal” energy drink, but this is easily the least innovative and unique of the three Nitrous Monster flavors. That also makes it the “safe bet” for someone wanting to try the Nitrous Monsters so I highly recommend it for someone wanting to sample the innovative new line of drinks.

Final Words:

The new Nitrous Monster line of drinks really show that Monster truly deserves its spot at the top of the energy drink industry. The innovative nitrogenation process creates a wonderful crisp, frothy texture that is very pleasing and satisfying. The new flavors are all great, though Killer-B stands out as the most unique and is my personal favorite. I can’t wait to see where Monster takes this new line of drinks in the future, but for now the three flavors are more than an adequate introduction of what’s to come.


  • Three distinct flavors
  • Nitrous Oxide presents an excellent and unique texture
  • Excellent industry innovation


  • Uses the archaic CAP CAN format from Mega Monster instead of Import’s brilliant resealable can design

Score: 8.5/10 (Great)

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  1. @John

    Keep looking man, they’re still very new so they haven’t been stocked everywhere yet. I found mine at a 500 Express, and that’s the only place in my entire town.

  2. @ John

    25th and Hulman. They are in a case at the front of the store along with Hammer X-Presso.

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