[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Super Dry


Popping the cap off of the can of Super Dry, you will be immediately met with an absolutely delicious aroma. And I mean it is fantastic. Perfect. And I’m not kidding. Super Dry is the first product I’ve ever reviewed that scores a perfect 10 in the aroma department. It’s a strong lime scent with a perfect balance between sweet and sour. After opening a can of Super Dry, I literally put my nose inside of the opening to breath for the next several minutes. It is really unbelievably delicious, and I often times buy this flavor just for the scent.

The same can’t be said about the flavor, unfortunately. Super Dry possesses a very heavy flavor that is far too sour to be considered my energy drink of choice. This disappointed me after experiencing the drink’s heavenly aroma. Another thing that disappointed me was that Super Dry doesn’t seem to have the same frothy suds that swim within Killer-B and Anti Gravity. It’s definitely far more crisp and bubbly than standard energy drinks, but the unique texture is definitely less prominent in this flavor of the Nitrous Monsters.

Just as the name ‘Nitrous’ implies, Nitrous Monster will kick you into high gear almost immediately after drinking it. The kick is absolutely superb and lasts a good three hours with no noticeable crash. And in true Monster fashion, the kick is entirely solid and won’t give you the jitters or shakes and is unsurprisingly of the highest quality.

Nitrous Monster comes packaged in a 12 oz single-serving container with a resealable CAP CAN lid for $1.99. Two bucks for 12 oz makes this slightly more expensive than industry standard pricing, but since there is no other energy drink on the market that is made with Nitrous Oxide, Nitrous Monster sets its own standard. And in my opinion, the unique texture presented by the Nitrous is more than enough to warrant the slightly higher price tag.

Final Words:

Super Dry is the first product in Everyview history to earn a perfect 10 for its delicious and wonderful aroma. And while that perfection doesn’t translate well into taste, the wonderful frothy texture from the unique nitrogenation process makes this product worth trying at least once. It isn’t my favorite Nitrous Monster, but it’s still pretty awesome.


  • Smells perfect
  • Fantastic kick
  • Nitrous Oxide


  • Strong sour flavor

Score: 8.6/10 (Great)

Aroma: 10/10 (Perfect; if air smelled like this there would be no wars)
7.0/10 (Good; too sour)
9.0/10 (Amazing)
Value: 8.5/10 (Great)

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11 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Super Dry

  1. This is my least favorite of the Nitrous Monsters. Like you said, it’s just too sour. I didn’t notice the smell you love so much, but I don’t usually shove my nose into aluminum cans just to smell drinks like you do either.

  2. I totally agree, there’s definitely too much lime flavor. These things are $2.99 where I live and most other energy drinks are over $2.50 (unless they’re on sale), so $1.99 would be great in my opinion.

  3. I have to agree about the aroma, but I think the taste is also very pleasant. I’m with Evan on this one though, I don’t know where you bought yours but where I got it it was over a $3.00 price tag.

  4. It was $1.65 where I got it. I for one love sour flavors so this drink is a big hit for me.

  5. this is my favorite nitrous drink there is i cant stand the other 2 monster nitrous killer bee and anti gravity those 2 taste so nasty

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  7. When you open it you hear a loud pop (thats probably because of the Nitrous Oxide) and when you drink it you almost instantly feel your heart speed up!!! I didnt have jitters but i was deffinately alert and all that!!!! Anyways BUY IT if you want insane energy

  8. 10 times a day impossible? . Yea fukkinq riqht! . Id qo down on dat sweet vage nd fukk? the shyt out of her as much as she needs! Lls!

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