[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Killer-B


Killer-B is the only flavor of Nitrous Monster with a name that I understand. The can is decorated with a honeycomb design, it’s called Killer-B, it is obviously honey flavored. Knowing this when leaning in to take a first whiff, I was almost taken aback when I actually picked up the aroma. It is absolutely nothing like I had expected. Instead of smelling powerfully sweet and primarily of honey, like I had expected, I was treated to a rather delicious light, aromatic aroma that reminded me of a crisp tea flavored lightly with honey. Very delicious, but definitely not what I was expecting.

The flavor is also very light and crisp, and very delicious. This is definitely the best tasting of the three Nitrous Monster flavors. You can taste the flavor of the honey, along with various other sensations which I can’t place my finger on yet ring a bell. It tastes absolutely nothing like any Monster I’ve ever had before. In fact, it is probably the most unique-tasting energy drink I’ve ever had, and it’s definitely a winner.

And of course you’ve got the awesome frothy, foamy texture brought about by the inclusion of Nitrous Oxide, which seems more prominent here than in the other flavors for some reason, but that could just be my imagination. The crisp bubbly texture definitely adds a lot to the drinking experience. I’d also like to point out that Killer-B includes Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen, which is awesome.

One gripe I would like to make is that there is a noticeable dryness left in your mouth after swallowing. It isn’t overly uncomfortable, nor does it detract too much from the overall drinking experience, but it is worth pointing out.

Just as the name ‘Nitrous’ implies, Nitrous Monster will kick you into high gear almost immediately after drinking it. The kick is absolutely superb and lasts a good three hours with no noticeable crash. In true Monster fashion, the boost is entirely solid, won’t give you the jitters or shakes and is, unsurprisingly, of the highest quality.

Nitrous Monster comes packaged in a 12 oz single-serving container with a resealable CAP CAN lid for $1.99. Two bucks for 12 oz makes this slightly more expensive than industry standard pricing, but since there is no other energy drink on the market that is made with Nitrous Oxide, Nitrous Monster sets its own standard. And in my opinion, the unique texture presented by the Nitrous is more than enough to warrant the slightly higher price tag.

Final Words:

Killer-B is a delicious, one of a kind drink, and I have never tasted anything like it. From the unique frothy texture only found in Nitrous Monster to the amazing Monster kick, this drink is a definite winner and I highly recommend giving it a shot.


  • Delightfully crisp, aromatic scent
  • Unique flavor
  • Nitrous Oxide gives it a one-of-a-kind texture
  • Monster Kick


  • The honey isn’t as prominent as I’d hoped
  • Dries your mouth out a little bit

Score: 8.9/10 (Amazing)

Aroma: 8.5/10 (Great)
Taste: 9.5/10 (Amazing)
Kick: 9.0/10 (Amazing)
Value: 8.5/10 (Great)

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13 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Killer-B

  1. My favorite!!! Definitely the best. And did you notice how much more powerful the kick is!?

  2. I think the kick is the same as a 16 oz monster even though this can is only 12 oz

  3. @ edjunkie

    I’m actually with Devin on this one. I thought I had felt a more powerful kick but I wasn’t sure. If someone else is noticing it, maybe I’m not crazy. If anything it’s because there is the same 5000 mg of energy blend in less liquid, making it more potent although it’s still essentially the same as drinking a 16 oz can.

  4. I too notice more umpf in the kicks with these. I’ve only had Killer-b and Super Dry, Killer-b being my favorite by far. I really want to try antigravity, though. people have said it’s like a nitrousated juice monster!

  5. I just bought one of these from a local 7-11 and it had a rancid smell when I opened the can. I had their new Expresso the other day and didn’t have an issue but this drink was a huge turn off. It didn’t seem to have any tampering but maybe the seal was slightly cracked on the lid even though it made the usual “hiss” when I opened it.

    Needless to say I’m turned off from buying the “Killer B” ever again.

  6. I really didn’t like this flavor at all. Maybe I was expecting a honey flavor like Gofast has but I will not be purchasing it again.

  7. I liked this. which is weird, since I don’t like honey. I didn’t even realize there was honey in it until I read this review.

    I cant believe monster released this flavor, it is the worst thing I’ve even smelled or tasted, had to dump it out.

  9. I guess no one else noticed but I think the reason they call it killer-B is because it has alot more B vitamins than the other monster nitrous’. So the people who reported a stronger kick were right because B vitamins activate your metabolism more and give you more energy. I really like killer-B, I’ve had it many times and never noticed a honey flavor(that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there). And the far greater amount of B vitamins(more than any other energy drinks I’ve seen) gives more bang to your buck.

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