[Mini review] This humorously defaced $1 bill

When we decided to give Everyview another go, I couldn’t wait to start cranking out the extensive backlog of ideas that had stacked up during our extended absence.

But as it turns out, writing can be quite difficult when you’re an ambitionless idiot with marginal talent. So until I get my act together, here’s a photo of an amusingly defaced piece of legal tender, altered by a mind far zestier than mine.

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[Televisual Broadcast Review] Baskets Season One


UnknownHaving followed the career of Zach Galifianakis for a long time, I’ve always been sort of surprised that he became a superstar. As both a standup and actor, his style has always been so uncompromisingly odd and niche – even in his breakthrough Hangover role – that he never seemed like someone who would achieve significant mainstream success.

But he did. In fact, his star power became so big that when Baskets, the FX comedy series he created with Louis C.K. and Jonathan Krisel, debuted in January, it became the highest-rated cable premier in two years. And yet, when presented with this particular bit of audacious weirdness from Galifianakis, a good chunk of the show’s initial audience seemed turned off and by season’s end, viewership had dipped by almost 50 percent.

And that substantial loss of audience, dear readers, is a pity, because those people tuned out one of the best and most strangely endearing shows to hit the airwaves in some time.

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[Movie Review] She’s Out of My League (2010)

She’s Out of My League stars Jay Baruchel as Kirk, a nerdy guy who works in an airport who works with all of his best friends. He finds a lost iPhone that happens to belong to a hot “perfect 10” named Molly. When he returns it to her they hit it off and begin a relationship, despite the obvious difference in their public statuses.

The movie fails to highlight the genuine attraction that Molly would have for Kirk at first, and only later begins to explain that she’s looking for a guy who isn’t going to hurt her in a long term relationship. Of course, Kirk is more than happy to reap the benefits by dating a girl obviously out of his league.

The chemistry between Baruchel and Molly (Alice Eve) is decent, but the problem lies with Baruchel’s inability to carry a movie by himself. I’m not a huge fan of his usually, and he provides little here to believe he can ever be anything more than a peripheral character in a comedy. He doesn’t play the awkward guy as well as some might think, and it’s somewhat annoying at points here. Still, Kirk is a decently honest guy who realizes his great luck, and he’s not terrible.

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[Movie Review] The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys is the proverbial mixed bag. The movie is never tremendously funny, but it is at the very least an enjoyable action comedy. The crime subplot is extremely convoluted, almost garishly reexplained over and over to little result, but the performances of the two leads carry the film to moderate success overall.

Ferrell plays Allen, a straight laced desk cop. Wahlberg is Terry, the rogue bad ass. Together they form the mismatched NYPD detective team at the heart of our story. Ferrell and Wahlberg have an unmistakeable chemistry that, at times, provides some laughs. Their characters are well developed, engaging, and they have some pretty fun interaction that carries most of the movie.

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[Doubleshot Movie Review] Macgruber

As the only two people who saw the new Saturday Night Live sketch turned feature-length movie Macgruber over the weekend, contributors Andrew Majors and Daniel Gauer both felt compelled to share their contrasting views on the Will Forte spoof in the latest entry in our mostly unused and arguably unneeded Double Shot Feature

Review by Andrew Majors:

Judging by the weekend’s measly Box Office estimates, I was one of very few people to head to the theater and check out the debuting film Macgruber.

A lot of people made a big mistake.

Macgruber is one of the most belly laugh packed films to hit the theaters in a very, very long time. It’s much more than an SNL film, or a spoof film, or many of the other preconceived tags the film has garnered. It’s a well-put together, blisteringly funny film that takes advantage of every lavish Hollywood cliche at its disposal and then implements it in the funniest way possible. Continue reading

[Movie Review] In The Loop


I’m not a particularly political person. That is to say, I’m not a political person in any imaginable sense. While the Obama stickers I have plastered all over my car and laptop computation device make an undeniably impressive statement, they are there not because of my bleeding heart liberal passion, but rather because I was too lazy to remove them after receiving both the car and the computer as hand-me-downs from my tree-hugging younger brother.

I do, however, know funny (a fact confirmed indisputably by the Tri-County High School Class of 2003, who voted me the “funniest” graduate of our 53 member graduating class), so I think it certainly deserves noting when I say the new British political ensemble comedy In The Loop is as funny a movie as I have seen in several years. Continue reading

[Comedy Review] Craig Shoemaker Live: That’s a True Story

shoemakerI was planning on writing a review on last night’s episode of Eastwick, but my husband and I were so exhausted that we couldn’t stay up. Why were we so exhausted you ask? Well from laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves that’s why (yes I am a lady and I can say that). And what made us laugh so hard you ask again? Craig Shoemaker Live: That’s a True Story! That’s what!

Craig Shoemaker has to be one of the funniest comedians I have seen in a long time. His jokes center around his life and truthful events that happen to him. He is very interactive with the audience which gives him bonus points in my book. Throughout the show he torments a soon to be bride about what her husband is really doing on his bachelor party! He also “stalks” a woman named Tina, as she goes to the bathroom (little does she know at the time that there are speakers in there). Continue reading

[Movie Review] Bruno (Theatrical)


brunoposterI’ll be honest right from the start — Bruno is not for the faint of heart (that rhymed, unintentionally). There are plenty of gross-out moments, including a talking dickhole and plenty of Dildo play. Sascha Baron Cohen has a character as flamboyantly homosexual as Austrian Fashionista Bruno, and he’s not shy about exploiting people’s true selves on camera. His effort here is no less devoted than in the smash hit “Borat,” however Bruno lacks what the predecessor had in spades. Spontaneity.

Because while “Borat” seemed to be completely unscripted and off-the-cuff humor where a talented actor simply played with the cards he was dealt by real people in semi-real situations, everything about Bruno seems a little bit too set-up. It’s virtually a string of interviews Bruno does, tied together somewhat sloppily. Because while Borat had a mission, to get to L.A. to marry Pamela Anderson, Bruno doesn’t seem to have a real mission or anything it’s working towards. However, it’s still an effective comedy because it’s funny as hell. But, in comparison to his last effort, Bruno is just a little disappointing. Continue reading

[Film Review] Adventureland


A recent college graduate returns to his hometown, and ends up having to work at a local amusement park called ‘Adventureland.’


The film comes to us from director Greg Mottola, of Superbad fame. Anyone going into this movie expecting Superbad Part Deux is going to be sorely disappointed, but that hardly means this movie isn’t good, because it’s a quality film with a lot to say, and it says it in an enjoyable and entertaining manner. It’s just not full of belly-laughs like Mottola’s last film. Continue reading