[Food Review] The Big Hardee From Hardee’s

When I reviewed the ho-hum Fried Bologna Biscuit from Hardee’s, I talked a little bit about a sandwich called the Big Carl. For those of you who don’t know, a chain of burger joints called Carl’s Jr. is owned by the same company behind Hardee’s. It was Carl’s that first revealed a sandwich called the Big Carl, whose major selling point was the inclusion of more meat and more cheese than a Big Mac from McDonald’s, only for less money.

Burger lovers without access to a Carl’s Jr. can rejoice, because Hardee’s is finally offering a similar burger, dubbed the Big Hardee. There are some key differences to the two burgers, such as the Big Hardee offering three patties of meat where the Big Carl provides eaters with two slightly larger patties.

That commercial is what made me hungry for a Big Hardee. I mean, look at it! It looks spectacular! The meat looks beyond juicy, plenty of crisp lettuce, and an elegant form that is simply beautiful. Delicious.

Unfortunately, however, the real sandwich doesn’t look a damn thing like that commercial. Actually, when I got my bag of heart attack back to my homebase and excitedly dumped out its contents, which included an order of Chili Cheese Fries and a Monster, I honestly thought they simply screwed up my order.

The “Big Hardee” is anything but big. I guess it’s safe to say that the camera really does add ten pounds, and that isn’t an exaggeration. This thing is maybe slightly larger than a Big Mac in diameter, but it’s nothing like the commercial above makes it out to be. The lettuce was ridiculously lacking, and the sauce was used sparingly. The beef patties were small and lacking in quality when compared to standard Hardee’s fare, though they are definitely bigger and juicier than what one would find from McDonald’s.

Big Hardee1Needless to say I was already pretty disappointed, and the first few bites only added to my crestfallen mood. The meat is average in taste and consistency, the lettuce was far from fresh, and the Thousand Island-like sauce presented a flavor and texture that I didn’t think went well with the meat.

The price tag of $2.29 is pretty fair for what you’re getting at least. Hardee’s is usually one of the most overpriced burger establishments out there, but I can’t really complain about this item. Though I admit I would’ve gladly paid an extra buck or so for some better lettuce, onions, and maybe a pickle or two. But Hardee’s is trying to make a cheap sandwich, and they’ve certainly succeeded. Sadly, though, they’ve failed at making a good burger.

Final Words:

There’s no doubt in my mind that a lot of people are going to buy the Big Hardee. But they’ll probably only buy it once. Hardee’s has done a great job with their ad for the new burger, but they are also vastly misleading their customers and setting them up for a huge disappointment.

With ingredients that are severely lacking in quality and a disappoint small stature, I can not recommend the Big Hardee to anyone. If you’re eating on a budget, head over to Burger King or McDonald’s instead and pick from their value menu.


  • Chili Cheese Fries
  • Monster
  • It’s a triple cheeseburger for $2.29


  • Lettuce wasn’t fresh
  • Meat is lacking in quality
  • Sauce doesn’t work very well
  • Deceptive advertisement

Score: 6.0/10 (Passable)

8 thoughts on “[Food Review] The Big Hardee From Hardee’s

  1. There’s a scene in the movie “Falling Down” where the movies main character gets disgusted by a fictional burger chain advertising a picture of a colossal sandwhich, only to sell him a “sorry, smooshed thing.” That’s what that picture reminded me of.

  2. Yeah that is weak. If I knew I was going to get the burger in the commercial, I would gladly shell out 3.50 for it, instead of 2 bucks for that sammich.

  3. I’ve never had a Hardee’s burger because they are so damn overpriced. Those Thickburgers are like 8 bucks. Why would I want to spend that much on a burger when I can spend it on a case of good beer? These commercials, actually ALL food commercials, irritate me. Why? Because their presentation in the commercial makes you want to try it, and then you get some quickly made piece of shit that doesn’t even look like a retarded cousin to the thing in the commercial. TGI Friday’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Johnny Wednesday’s, they all do the same damn thing. They make one good sandwich, film it, and then make millions off of that image.

  4. Thank you so much for warning me against wasting money on a burger that falls short of the big mac. I was all set to go try the big hardee, cause the advertisement was so persuasive, but before I set out I thought I’d look up if the bic hardee is actually cheaper than the big mac, as the advertisement claims. That search led me to this site, and I’m so glad it did, because I too have loved the big mac since childhood and it sounds like I would have been really disappointed with the big hardee. Thank you for sparing me this disappointment. F*ck misleading advertisements, I’m gonna go get a big mac!

  5. This burger is nasty. Mine didn’t even have lettuce on it. I will never eat it again!

  6. The Big Carl out here is worth the $2.49 they charge; it comes with two 1/4lb patties and the meat sticks out the bun (heh heh). They also don’t use enough sauce though…

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