[Food Review] Hardee’s Fried Bologna Biscuit

bologna biscuitOverview:

A few days ago our good friends over at GrubGrade told the hungry world about the new Fried Bologna Biscuit from Hardee’s. Needless to say, eaters who were expecting a new sandwich similar to the Big Carl from Carl’s Jr, Hardee’s sister establishment, were quite disappointed. Average Southerners or poor Northerners (yo), however, will find instant appeal in the new breakfast biscuit.

Will Hardee’s newest morning menu item turn bologna into the new ham? There’s only one way to find out. It’s review time!


Hardee’s Fried Bologna Biscuit Sandwich is a pretty plain menu item. One standard biscuit with a folded egg, a single slice of cheese, and one piece of Oscar Meyer Brand Bologna. In fact, that last ingredient is the only thing that makes this sandwich stand out at all.

Upon unwrapping, I was really excited to eat it. It’s been years since I’ve eaten fried bologna, simply becuase I ‘ve grown too lazy to bother with cooking something that’s already safe to eat, but I remember absolutely loving it. After getting it out and holding it in my hands, my mouth began to water. The sanwich was assembled perfectly, and it looked exactly like it does on the menu, though I wouldn’t imagine this being a difficult item to prepare.

When I finally reach the first bite I am met with severe disappointment. The friend bologna itself is an absolute treat, fried to perfection. In fact, I had no problem with the folded over scrambled egg, and the cheese was a wonderful compliment. My problem was with the actual biscuit. It was dry and flavorless, which is regular for biscuits from Hardee’s, and actually took away almost all flavor from the bologna. I actually took the top half of the biscuit off about half way through to be able to fully enjoy the bologna.

And that’s when I looked at my receipt. Two freaking bucks for a fried bologna breakfast sandwich? Are you kidding? I was expecting maybe slightly over a buck, but it seriously costs $2.00. And like I said, there is absolutely nothing special about this sandwich other than the bologna, which is known for being an extremely cheap lunch meat anyway. In fact, any consumer can easily make a week’s worth of sandwiches much better than this one for about five bucks. Definitely a rip off.

Final Words:

While the bologna, egg, and cheese are all just fine, the dry and tasteless biscuit completely ruins the entire eating experience by completely covering up any recognizable flavor. Even further reason to avoid this breakfast sandsich is the insane price tag. Two bucks for something I can make even better for 75 cents? I don’t think so. This sandwich is only recommended to someone who wants to eat the friend bologna for nostalgia or because they’ve never had it before.


  • Fried bologna
  • Everything on the biscuit tastes pretty great


  • But the biscuit quickly ruins everything on it

Score: 6.75/10 (Below Average)

5 thoughts on “[Food Review] Hardee’s Fried Bologna Biscuit

  1. I used to love fried bologna in college. Like you said, it could feed you for over a week, and tastes really really good.

    And charging two bucks is insane. Hardees is always much more expensive than it should rightfully be, though.

  2. I agree, this is a very disappointing sandwich that could’ve been done much better. Had they put on a slice of tomato it wouldve fixed the dryness from Hardees admittedly tasteless biscuits, and throw on some bacon and you’ve got yourself an excellent sandwich.

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  4. Um I don’t know where you are from Zac, but around here $2 is a pretty low price to pay for any food that is prepared for you. Sure it didn’t quite satisfy your palate the way you would have liked, but to put so much emphasis on $2 is crazy. Hell, most good sandwiches here cost about $7!

  5. Yes, two bucks is a great deal for a great sandwich. This, however, is not a great sandwich. It is a single slice of bologna on a single biscuit with a single slice of cheese. That is definitely not a deal, no matter where you’re from.

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