Happy First Birthday, Everyview!

first bdayThat’s right, Everyview readers. Today marks the first anniversary of this humble review site. We’ve grown immensely in the past year, going from Blogger to WordPress to finally getting our own domain name and experiencing more than a few layout changes in the process. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us through those first few days as Everyview.com, by there way. They were rough and everything was a mess, but you guys kept checking in on our progress and showing your support, so thank you.

This site has gone from a small hobby to my biggest investment and most time-consuming activity I do, but it is all worth it and I love doing every bit of it. I remember the day I started it, rather vividly as a matter of fact. I was sitting in class at college and desperately wanted to do anything that wasn’t my programming assignment. I remembered talking with my good friend Tate Molnar about making a website, so I took that idea and ran with it.

It’s not all me, though, as this site would be no where without my contributors. My biggest thanks goes to Clay Cunningham, the biggest reason Everyview is what it is today. He has put more money into this site than I have, and thanks to him we are able to function as a .com site. He’s also a fantastic writer, easily the best Everyview has and I am immensely thankful for everything he has done.

The second thanks goes to Andrew Majors, who is the only contributor that has stayed with the site since he started writing for us. His enthusiastic and entertaining posts keep the site going, and he’s the only one of us that has the guts to review Baconlube, so he gets major points for that. He’s also a fantastic writer, and I am very grateful for all of his posts and effort.

To everyone who has written in the past, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! You guys were the first to throw yourselves on the lines and put your hard work into reviews and articles for the world the read, and your early efforts are part of the reason why Everyview has grown as much as it has. Tate, your two posts were both hilarious and fun, I just wish there were more of them. Patrick, you wrote a decent amount of reviews, mainly because I had to heckle you into actively  contributing but thanks none the less. Brandon, your contributions were just as priceless as everyone else’s, and without you Everyview’s Tech channel would’ve been much more dismal. Still waiting for that glasses review 😉

And a big special thanks to those of you who have done guest reviews, Kyle from World 1-1 and Ryan from Grub Grade. Thanks for your additions to this site and you’re always welcome to write whenever you want. You’re both phenomenal writers.

Finally, my biggest thanks goes to you guys. Without readers, there would be no reason to keep investing time, effort, and money into making this site the best that we can, so thank you very much. We’ve all enjoyed providing you with our works, and we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we did writing them. Hopefully we’ll continue to grow as a site, eventually into something much more than we are now. It’ll be you guys that push us to every evolution and help us take each and every step towards something greater.

There you have it. One year and 500 posts later, we’ve gone from a virtually unknown site to something much more. We’ve grown countless amounts since our inception, and we’ve loved every bit of it. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

Happy Birthday, Everyview. We love you!

13 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday, Everyview!

  1. Ah, to be young.

    I’m definitely proud to be a contributor here, as it actually allows my creative juices an outlet. This site has been one of more fun things I have done, and I love that I have free reign to review (almost) anything I want. Thanks to Zac and Clay for extending the invite in the first place, and taking a chance on some (sexy) dude.

    Happy Birthday, Everyview! I can’t wait until puberty, so I can teach you everything I know about girls.

  2. Ahhh to turn 1, I remember when I turned 1, its a lonely year to live yet free at the same time. As you grow older you will soon wonder where the years have taken you and why you are where you are, but a word to the wise is to just let the wind take you. One day you’ll understand what it means to be alive.

    Happy Birthday my dear Everyview, your closest and oldest friend,

    Sir Pat O’Brien

  3. Awesome, Happy birthday website, and here’s to many more. Keep the reviews up, and keep them as good as they are now, and your well on your way to becoming a smash hit!

    (on an off topic, a guy i work with asked if I was related to Andrew? which i thought was ironic)

  4. Congratulations guys, that’s fantastic. Happy birthday, Everyview!

    Keep up the fantastic work and I’m sure you’ll grow even more in the coming years.

    Here’s to many more birthdays, I hope you live longer than my pet hamster did! 🙂

  5. Zac, it’s coming up on about a year ago when we met, and as I recall, you thought I was an illiterate retard. But as your words above indicate, you are either a lot nicer than you were then or considerably more delusional.
    But regardless, happy birth anniversary (I’m such a pretentious asshole) Everyview!

  6. Happy Birthday, fellow reviewer blogger!

    Ya know, one blog year equals ten human years, so Happy Tenth Birthday!!!

  7. Woot! Happy birthday, Everyview! And Zac, I think I’ll get the review up monday. I’ve got a “date” of sorts tomorrow and I should have some free time after classes Monday to spend in the open lab forcing myself to write it up.

  8. Oops, looks like I’m a little late to the party, but hopefully I made it in time for the cake!

    Happy Birthday Everyview! Here’s to many more!

  9. @ Brandon

    I’m famous! Of course someone would ask you that!

    But, I wouldn’t mind getting a name. Just to see how far my fame has taken me thus far.

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