Review: …Lost Energy Drink


Lost Enterprises is actually a surf board company, which may surprise some since they’ve churned out several stellar drinks. But don’t be fooled my friends, Lost didn’t achieve its reputation of producing delicious energy drinks on its own. The folks over at Monster were actually the ones who concocted this killer series of drinks, which easily explains everything from the original flavor and sensational aroma to the powerful kick.

Straight from the can:

From the garages of San Clemente in Southern California, where you can surf, skate and snowboard in the same day, came …Lost Enterprises. Lost grew into a super mega multi-conglomerate corporation and in our pathological obsession of global domination, we decided to formulate a drink to hypnotize the minds of the masses… Actually, that’s not true. If you’re gonna surf, skate and snowboard all in the same day, you’ll need some energy to go out and party afterwards. Most energy drinks suck, so we had the crew at MONSTER make us one that actually works, tastes good and mixes even better. …Lost Energy Drink, a bad influence from …Lost Enterprises.

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