[Energy Drink Review] Monster DUB Edition

Monster DUB Edition is essentially a special edition of Monster Energy Drink made in collaboration with DUB magazine (if you don’t know what that is, you’re likely white or Chinese), an automotive publication that takes pride in providing content composed of pimped out “rides.” I could add a few more “fresh” vernaculars, but my grasp of the various methods of “phat” slang is severely limited. Hopefully this drink will fix that.

Straight from the can:

The Monster Energy DUB Edition is more than just another energy drink. It’s high performance fuel for the true baller. Made by the crew at Monster Energy, DUB Edition is optimized for the mobilized. A customized formula in collaboration with the kings of customization.

I’m not necessarily sure what a “true baller” is, but I know it’s something good. From now on, this is the only thing I’m ever going to drink. It’s time to “get retarded.” “Bitches.” Continue reading