[The Everyview Update] Under Old Management

Some of our regular readers may have noticed that I was gone most of last week, and in my absence our dedicated editor Casual Clayton “Joel the Jokester” Cunningham took over the site. Surprisingly to me, he was very humble about taking on these new responsibilities.

Anyway, regardless of how much everyone on the internet loves good ol’ Clay, I’m back in command. Don’t go running off on me, I’ll try to be as effective as Clay by making sure an astounding one review gets posted each week, unless he decides to intervene by writing a review of No More Heroes 2 while enjoying himself in Nashville, Tennessee like I had to do because productivity wasn’t staying optimal.

Regardless, things should be getting back to normal now.

One thought on “[The Everyview Update] Under Old Management

  1. Instead of blasting me for running this site in addition to working until 10 o’clock for nine consecutive days, maybe it’s about time we called out our lazy staff. Pat in particular rubs me the wrong way. Enough with Texas fucking Roadhouse.

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