An Obligatory Daily Post

So yesterday was day one of my week-long adventure as Everyview Site Administrator, while Zac is off gallivanting at various Tennessee zoos and tweeting every minor detail of his day.

“How did it go?” you may ask. Well, generally I ain’t inclined to be the kind to boast, but we had our best day in terms of traffic in over a week. Does this mean I am more qualified to run this little site than Zac Pritcher could ever dream of being?

Yes. Without question.

Day two thus far has been less fruitful, as none of our beloved contributors has composed anything which could be submitted for your reading approval. So instead of not publishing any new content, I came up with an idea.

In addition to my work here, I also contribute to a sports writing site called Ever the supportive friend, Zac has constantly encouraged me to share my work on that site here; an offer I have always declined due to my virtuous modesty. But seeing as how there’s nothing else to post, today seemed like as good a day as any to mold my two scribing worlds together.

So for all those of you who have been eagerly awaiting my opinion on the Greg Olsen trade situation in Chicago, click here to read about it in painfully thorough detail.

Thanks again for making my first day on the job such a success. Feel free to continue to show your support during the week, so we can all work together to make my lifelong dream of making Zac Pritcher obsolete on his own site complete.

3 thoughts on “An Obligatory Daily Post

  1. Hahahahahaha. Good to see you are enjoying your time in charge. Congratulations on yesterday.

    If I ever see a link on my site again, I’ll break your legs.

  2. Since going up at noon, that B/R piece has over 720 hits (a personal daily best for me). Since going up around four, this has 1. Why exactly do I dedicate so much more time to this site than I do that one?

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