[Games] Take a Ride in the PokeVan

It really is quite amazing what you can accomplish at two o’clock in the morning when you’ve got a backpack full of spray paint, a trashy multicolored van, and an itchy case of PokeFever. Creating this gorgeous work of art took about three hours, and it was totally worth it.

The majority of the art was done by my good friend Zack McDonald, with highlights and accents added by yours truly, and the trashy van was provided by Thomas Campbell.

Click “Read More” to see a few more pictures of the now-legendary PokeVan. Also, we are going to need your help. Read on to find out how you can contribute to something way cooler than you will ever be.

This is where you guys come in. We’ve still got a blank side on the PokeVan, and we want you guys to tell us what should go there. We will consider all ideas, pick the best idea, and throw it up there. Don’t worry, you’ll get credit for your idea if you’re the lucky chosen one.

10 thoughts on “[Games] Take a Ride in the PokeVan

  1. On the eve (or should I say Eevee?!) of the Heart Gold/Soul Silver release. Very nice!

    My favorite has always be Nidoking, so put me down for that.

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  4. How about a kickass Mew/Mewtwo Clash? It would be kind of symmetrical. Or the Legendary Birds, spread out over the side =D

  5. Yeah pokemon was really cool back in the day haha. We all used to play it. Diamond was easily the greatest lol!

  6. it needs to be Nidorino Vs Gengar like the openings of Red and Blue

  7. Well we just finished it, so get ready to “Digglett” even more. See what I did there?

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