[Food Review] Milky Way Simply Caramel

The only actual goal I’ve ever had in life (aside from the one of playing in the NBA which officially died after I failed to make my sixth grade A-team) is to compose a truly important piece of writing a large number of people could cling onto.

In that spirit, for the second time in as many days, I’m reviewing a candy bar.


Milky Way has never been a favorite of mine. It’s certainly not bad, and I wouldn’t reject one if it were given to me as a stocking stuffer or any other variety of gift, but I’ve always found several bars of both the massively popular (Snickers) and vastly underrated (5th Avenue) variety I enjoyed more. But even if I made a habit to eat one everyday, I would likely struggle to comprehend why their latest concoction needed to exist.

When I first saw the Milky Wat Simply Caramel bar, which is just a regular Milky Way sans the nougat, I thought, what’s the point? I honestly don’t anticipate there has ever been anyone who’s eaten a Milky Way and been disgusted because that nasty nougat was robbing it of its full flavor potential. It seemed like nothing more than a half-assed creation from a creative department unable to come up with a way to revitalize the company product.

There’s also nothing about the taste that leaps out and grabs you. Though I wouldn’t say it tastes bad, I found it to be too rich for my liking. It also leaves a strong and not particularly pleasing aftertaste. The nougat/caramel combo provided a balance which worked well in Milky Way’s favor, and that type of flavor balance is needed here.

Comparatively, Simply Caramel also falls well short in the taste department to similar products such as DeMet’s Treasures, which I consider to be the “gold” standard (get it?) of the chocolate/caramel candied concoction industry.

One advantage Milky Way’s new product has over a more recent release from one of it’s major competitors is it is much more wallet friendly. I purchased my 1.91 ounce bar for a reasonable, though not sensational price of $.87; a much better value than the $1.17 I had to dish out for the 1.78 ounce Snickers Fudge. While Fudge is the better bar, people on a tight budget may be drawn more to Simply Caramel, as what it lacks in taste may be made up for by the fact it can be purchased for less than two weeks’ salary.

Final Words:

As I stated above, I’ve always found Milky Way to be passable more than delicious. But with that said, I don’t think even their most hardcore fans will feel the need to attack the new Simply Caramel in ravenous fashion. I’m all for companies trying to expand their product, but when simply removing half of your inner fixings is your “stop drilling, you’ve struck oil” moment, you really need to try harder.

It may be worth trying if you are a devoted Milky Way follower, but after you’ve eaten it once, odds are you will feel compelled to return to the original formula.


  • Doesn’t taste bad
  • Fairly economical


  • Too rich
  • After taste is a bit strong
  • Pointless

Final Score: 6.0/10 (Below Average)

7 thoughts on “[Food Review] Milky Way Simply Caramel

  1. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the Milky Way MIDNIGHT chocolate bar. I too, am passive about the regular Milky Ways and can take them or leave them. I am far from passive about the Midnight variety though.

  2. Wait, so it’s a Milky Way without the nougat. That’s it? Well, at least they didn’t create a whole new candy bar line for it and just kept it as a derivative of the Milky Way brand.

  3. @Katherine
    I’ve never liked dark chocolate so my assumption tells me I wouldn’t like it, though I acknowledge it wouldn’t be fair for me to write a review for it.

    This has been up for about a week and you’re just now reading it? Way to evaluate the content on your site. Also, I’d like to go back and post this about a month ago. I’d be willing to wager thousands the word “derivative” wouldn’t appear in that comment.

  4. It’s strange so many people like regular chocolate, but not dark chocolate. The consistency of the midnight bar is much softer than the regular one.

    Also, what a tragedy it must have been for your friend Zac to go through life not integrating mathematical vocabulary into his everyday speech.

  5. I just discovered these at my local grocery store- buy 3 get 3 free- so I did.
    I am a passionate caramel/chocolate fiend. I am IN LOVE with these, It has been all I can do to not eat ALL 6 all at once. I have “hidden” them in my kitchen out of sight and pretended to forget they exist so that I don’t completely binge on them. I personally have always been annoyed by the nougat of a Milky Way bar. (Yes! Those people DO exist!!) What’s the point of it? It’s not chocolate, it’s not caramel. I don’t buy Milky Ways. I give them away whenever we end up with them in the children’s Halloween candy (they don’t like them either!) The Midnights were another story- MUCH better, but still- not enough to make me choose a Milky Way bar of any type over something like a Snickers Bar. (ooooh heaven!) But THIS. THIS is my new heaven in a tiny package. I don’t care that it’s too sweet, I don’t care that it’s too much sugar all at once. I don’t care that it’s ruining my (24 pounds lost!) diet… I want MORE. love em love em love em love em.

  6. I don’t care for the nougat in Milky Way bars. The midnight Milky Way even has a different nougat. However, I really do like the Milky Way Simply Caramel.

    It is not as good as Carmello bars, though.

  7. Simply Caramel Milky Way Bars are the best candy bar on the market. I love caramel and chocolate together. I simply can not get enough of them. I eat around the thick chocolate outer layer and finish with as much caramel as is left. It seems to last forever, yummmmm.

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