[Food Review] Snickers Fudge Bar

Wanna know how it feels to be a complete and utter dipshit? Try being in the break room at work and having your co-workers gawk at you as you eat and candy bar, while you are simultaneously giving pondering looks and taking notes between each bite.

So, after enduring an irreparable amount of emotional scarring, here’s my review of the Snickers Fudge Candied Bar.


Halfway through my first Snickers Fudge Bar, I got a bit queasy. At first I got excited, as there are few things in life I find more enjoyable than bashing repulsive food. However, it quickly became apparent this disgust didn’t come from the bar, and that I was just a dumb fuck who, for some reason, failed to realize it may be a good idea to wash freshly applied hand sanitizer off my greasy mits before eating. Realizing it would not be fair to write a review based on this experience, I thoroughly washed up and purchased another after getting off work.

Often times when I have a bad experience with food, I struggle to shake my initial feelings of disgust. Luckily, this wasn’t a problem with this new Snickers concoction, which is essentially just a regular Snickers bar with fudge in place of caramel. I worked through those mental barriers and discovered it to be quite tasty.

Aside from the pleasing taste, the bar proved fun to eat. I have what a few of my more judgmental acquaintances would refer to as a “weird” habit when eating Snickers where I like to bite off a section, then bite that section in half sideways, allowing me to eat the caramel/nut and nougat portions separately. This little oddity is gratified nicely, as the fudge makes for a much cleaner break than the usually oozy caramel.

As someone who’s enjoyed the Snickers brand for many years, I was fairly pleased with this “limited edition” entry to the franchise. However, while the original and fudge bars are hardly identical, I don’t think the fudge to caramel transition will offer up enough distinguishing flavor to convert people who don’t enjoy the work of the Snickers cooperation.

One major complaint I personally have with the product the $1.09 price tag ($1.17 after tax) that accompanies it. Now in the interest of fairness, I should point out the only location I have come across this product is at the usually overpriced Circle K, so perhaps this price gouging isn’t as severe at other locations. But if this is the regular price, that is much too much. Even if this were the greatest candy bar I had ever eating I would be less than ecstatic about shelling out more than a dollar for a 1.78 ounce contraption of candied goo.

Final Words:

While I wouldn’t call it essential eating, Snickers Fudge does makes for a tasty, near delicious snack. The only specific complaint I have is with a price which may simply be the fault of rouge, gouge happy gas station company (one which gets a second strike for employing the bitchiest night cashier I have ever come across. Scoff all you want Angie, but that road atlas you’re reading will still be there after you ring up my Charleston Chew).

I’m not sure how long this “limited” item will be around but if you can find it for a more reasonable price, it provides moderately high level of delight for fans of the Snickers brand.


  • Tastes good
  • Breaks apart almost perfectly
  • Alex Reid says “yummy”


  • Too expensive
  • Doesn’t mix well with hand sanitizer
  • People don’t appreciate the painstaking preparation that goes into a candy bar review

Final Score: 7.5/10 (Good)

5 thoughts on “[Food Review] Snickers Fudge Bar

  1. Don’t worry Clay, I understand the hard work required to make an exciting candy bar review.

    Alex Reed needs to do us all a favor and grow up.

  2. I think I remember these being around before. Maybe it’s a recurring promo they do or something.

  3. I hadn’t encountered them anywhere until a couple days ago, but I did rummage around the internet a bit and found an announcement about their release which was dated back in July, so maybe they are only new to me.

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