[Review] Mini Chill Relaxation Shot (Berry Bliss)

In today’s world it is all too often that you need an extra burst of energy just to keep up with your busy life. Thankfully there are plenty products for that. Energy Drinks, Energy Candies, Energy Shots, Energy Powders, Energy Patches, Energy Mixes, Energy Gum, Energy Soap, and the list goes on and on.

But what about when the time finally comes to slow down? Luckily there is a growing list of products out there that help calm you down when you need to relax and take a load off. The Mini Chill Relaxation Shot is one such product. Whether you’re getting ready for bed or just ending a stressful overtime shift, this thing will make your “you” time much more enjoyable.

After excitedly ripping the perforated plastic safe seal off the top of the shot and twisting off the tiny cap I was met with a soft, sweet aroma. I held the plastic bottle more closely to my nose to get a better sense of the drink’s scent, and I found an absolutely delicious berry fragrance with a perfect amount of sweetness. The aroma reminded me a lot of the Mr. Energy 8-Hour Shot I reviewed a while back, only it seemed slightly less bitter.

Now that I have a good idea of what to expect in terms of taste, I cock back my head and pour the two ozĀ  shot down the hatch. The flavor is delicious and tastes just as I had expected. It is a very refreshing blend of berry flavor with a soft, viscous texture that is super easy to swallow. There is a proper amount of sweetness which helps convey a soft, soothing sensation that perfectly compliments the theme of the shot. This is hands down one of the best-tasting shots I’ve ever had.

Mini Chill Relaxation ShotSomewhere between 10 and 20 minutes after I took the shot I began to notice effects. I felt absolutely fantastic. I was calm, carefree, and happy. Everything I did just felt great. My movements felt smoother, my steps seemed softer, my handwriting was actually legible, and I finally got passed the fight where I was stuck in Punch Out for the Wii. Mini Chill works, and it works amazingly well. The effects of Chill seemingly began to taper off around two-and-a-half, maybe three hours after consumption and left no after effects of any sort.

I’ve had my case of Mini Chill shots for a while now, and have tried to utilize them in plenty of different situations to find when it is best to consume them. I’ve broken it down into a short list which follows

Good Idea:

  • When studying
  • When reading
  • When trying to overcome writer’s block
  • When playing a video game
  • Obviously, when stressed out
  • After work
  • After a long bike ride

Bad Idea:

  • Before giving a speech
  • Before going to work
  • Before a long bike ride
  • After taking one
  • Before eating at a Chinese buffet
  • After drinking an Energy Drink
  • Before doing anything that requires any physical exertion

Mini Chill Relaxation Shots cost around three dollars for a single 2 oz shot, which is right on par with a lot of the energy shots. While I do think that shots are overpriced in general, it is hard to complain about something’s cost when it is this effective.

Final Words:

Mini Chill Relaxation Shots are a fantastic product that work amazingly. This is definitely a product I see myself purchasing on a regular basis, just because it makes me feel so great. I suggest using this when doing anything that involves sitting down and focusing, or whenever you just want to chillax. I found that downing a shot of this increases performance when playing video games much more than sipping on a Monster. I highly recommend giving Mini Chill a shot. Get it?

Buy Mini Chill

Score: 9.0/10 (Outstanding)

Aroma: 9.25/10
Taste: 9.25/10
Kick: -9.5/10
Value: 8.0/10

8 thoughts on “[Review] Mini Chill Relaxation Shot (Berry Bliss)

  1. I definitely agree with you on this. We just got it in my corner store in Manhattan and I’ve found so many situations where it really did chill me out. And I was skeptical, so I wasn’t an easy sell with this.

  2. I’ve seen similar products around whenever I run in to town to get groceries and gas and have been curious as to whether or not they work. I think the one I see around here is called Drink or Drank or something like that… it is not a shot, but an actual drink. I just may pick one up now.

  3. I had one of these. At first I was like, whoa, then I was like, no way! Finally I was like, dude!
    That would have been my review. It’s probably good you took the reigns on this one.

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  5. I ordered minichill because it is melatonin free and I need to relax not sleep. I was surprised that it really does work. Took about 10 mins to hit me…

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