[Food Review] The Flying Cow from McDonald’s

Once in a great while a food so great, so cheap, and so filling comes into existence. Fellow food lovers, that time has cometh! I speak of the flying cow, a tasty and oh so filling meal in its own right. I’m sure you read this now in curiosity, or just so you can spite me in comments at the end, but either way you’re reading and that’s what matters!

The flying cow is a surprisingly simple sandwich to create. Factor in a price tag of about two dollars (depending on your use of a double cheeseburger or the “Mcdouble”) and it becomes something children and adults alike can enjoy.  I simply go to the nearest McDonald’s, and ask for a Double cheeseburger and a McChicken sandwich. Some may stop here saying “Hamburger AND a chicken sandwich? Pft get out of here!” but I will not be leaving.

flyingcow1The real magic happens when (after some wait depending on the shift working at your local McDonald’s) they place the two sandwiches before you. Fries and drink are optional of course. After unwrapping the sandwiches and making room, all you do is split apart the burger and rest the McChicken and its bottome between the patties. Fill the McChicken’s top bun with some fries and eat it that way, or just toss it to the side. Close the whole thing up and Alakazam! You have one tasty chickburger.

I am no stranger to the power that is the flying cow. I was introduced to the invention a few years back and enjoyed it ever since. Upon biting into one of these concoctions, I was met with a blend of seasoned chicken and deliciously greasy hamburger. The combination may not seem to appealing to all but rest assured it is great. The mix of ketchup, mustard, onion, cheese, beef, and chicken is a fantastic culmination of flavor. No individual taste seems too overbearing in the blend, save for the slight kick the chicken adds.

flyingcow4The one drawback of this otherwise fantastic sandwich is its design flaws. Much like triple burgers of any kind, I find myself eating the center patty before finishing the top two. In this case it just means I am left with a bite or two of hamburger which, if you think about it, is still a bonus.

Final Words:

The Flying Cow is the end product of bored kids who are way too stoned thinking they are being philosophical, artistic, and creative by combining two Dollar Menu sandwiches. They are not philosophical, artistic, or creative, but they sure succeeded in creating a tasty treat that anyone can enjoy, whether or not they indulge in illegal substances. I highly recommend giving this sandwich suicide a shot.


  • Cheap!
  • It’s a tasty Sandwich!
  • Very filling and can be assembled in a flash


  • Getting a sloppy, poorly assembled McChicken or Double
  • Greasy fingers

Score: 8.5/10 (Great)

12 thoughts on “[Food Review] The Flying Cow from McDonald’s

  1. Ahh, the flying cow. I prefer making mine from the Spicy Chicken and $1 Double from Burger King, sans ketchup of course. I hate ketchup.

    I also like eating the sandwiches separate, but scarfing down one big one can by easier when you’re in a hurry or just really hungry.

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  3. I’ve always heard this referred to as the McGangBang, but when I do it, I keep the top bun on the McChicken and usually toss the bottom one out — i like the mayo and lettuce on this as well.

  4. Well I know this as The Flying Cow, but I made it once and it made me sick, I don’t think the meat and the chicken go well together…

  5. Huh flying cow you say? I don’t get it. My store (#8075) knows this as the McGangBang. Believe me you can make this sandwich very creative. try using a different type of bun like the honey wheat, or different topping and sauces. Most of the toppings are free. Saucing it up with different sauces makes less boring from the same old same old.

  6. @John Hoy

    The combination of a chicken and a cow makes a cow with wings, possibly a beak but that is trivial to our matter. Animals with wings can usually fly. Hence the name Flying Cow.

  7. I’ve come to know it as a flying cow, and it sounds much more appetizing than a mcgangbang (images of ronald and the rest of the old mcdonalds toons and some reeeeaaallllyyy bad porn music comes to mind.) we say tomato, they say ‘mater, world keeps spinning.


    1. Buy mcdouble and 4 piece chicken nuggets and a small fry
    2. open the mcdouble put 2-3 nuggets between patties, put a coat of fries on top of the top patty, close.
    5. PROFIT

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  10. I just have to end this silly argument, using the power of The Google.

    Results 1 – 10 of about 23,500 for McDonald’s “McGangBang”. (0.32 seconds)
    Results 1 – 10 of about 43,600 for McDonald’s “The Flying Cow”. (0.36 seconds)

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