[TV Review] Dexter Season 4 Premiere

Few shows give me the chubby that Showtime’s Dexter does. It’s fun, intelligent, original. So, having caught up on DVD, I was finally ready to watch my first season on TV, without the ability to watch multiple episodes in a day.

The Season 4 Premiere begins with us getting a look at the new father/husband Dexter. Visibly exhausted, he’s trying to juggle his new life with his desire for his old life, all while adding a new baby into the mix. We are quickly introduced the this season’s main new character, The Trinity Killer (played by Jon Lithgow). Having another serial killer for Dexter to go toe to toe with is going to lead to a very intense season, I believe.

What the show does effectively, and continues to do so here, is that each year they introduce a new major character into the mix. So instead of recycled ideas involving the same characters, we get fresh interactions and issues. They also manage to successfully keep supporting characters on the periphery, and focus on Dexter, which is what we all want to see.

Michael C. Hall has always enthralled me as Dexter, and its a complex character to play. He plays a murderer on one hand, and a devoted father, husband, brother, friend, and blood spatter analyst on the other. It’s a tight rope to walk, but Hall pulls in enough empathy for us to actually cheer this killer on no matter what situation he finds himself in.

Final Words:

If the premiere is any indication, we’re in for a very, very suspenseful and intriguing season. I’m already hooked, and will officially be couch bound every Sunday night from here on in (like there was any doubt of that happening anyway.) It’s tough to grade a premiere episode, but if all it needed to do was get me hooked, it succeeded greatly.

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Grade: 8.5/10

4 thoughts on “[TV Review] Dexter Season 4 Premiere

  1. You’re welcome…easily the best drama on TV right now. I find it especially amazing that the TV show is quite different from the books, however, unlike most adaptations, this doesn’t hurt the quality at all. The first season, I feel, is still one of the best debuts for a show ever. Season 2 dipped in goodness a little, mostly due to the lack of kills from Dexter and being compared to Season 1, but Season 3 picked up, and now we get Jon Lithgow…although hopefully we see him clothed in episode 2 more.

  2. if you didn’t enjoy seeing Lithgow’s ass multiple times I have no idea what sad and warped world you live in. I just hope they step it up for some full-frontal this week.

  3. Ryan, you should upload a picture of you reading one of the Dexter books, so people can see you in your element, as you fully comprehend all the literary goodness you have thrust yourself into.

  4. Great idea Clay! I should also probably be nude, placing one book in my crotch region to limit exposure…a large book…comic gold right there, and to help keep with the theme of Season 4 so far.

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