[Food & Drink Review] MolliCoolz! Shakers: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Cookies & Cream


mollicoolzWho doesn’t love a good milkshake? Unfortunately for everyone, however, there are several things usually required to get your hands on a delicious, creamy shake. Moving, for instance, is one that many Americans frown upon. No one wants to get in the car and drive to Dairy Queen or walk back and forth from the freezer to their blender to create a homemade milkshake, no sir, not in 2009. The future is now.

That’s where MolliCoolz! Shakers come into play. A little plastic cup containing some kind of brilliant technology that allows users to create delicious milkshakes by adding milk and shaking. Yes there still is a little effort involved, but at least it only takes 30 seconds of sweating and heavy breathing to create a delightful treat. Drink up, all that shaking is exhausting!

Straight from the container:

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe you can simply “add milk… and shake” and have a deliciously thick and creamy milkshake at home.


  • No blender
  • No messy cleanup
  • No boring car ride to the ice cream shop

And you control the thickness by the amount of milk you add. So give it a try. Add milk, shake it like you mean it, and in 30 seconds you’re drinking the best shake you’ve ever had.


Today you are in for a real sweet treat. This single review contains FOUR DIFFERENT REVIEWS! Yeah, instead of having to dig through three different posts to take in all the knowledge you need about MolliCoolz! Shakers, you can find it all right here! This is the future, after all.


mollicoolzvanillaThis was the first flavor I purchased, and I did so simply because I love everything vanilla. For a while I was even using this heavenly vanilla shampoo and conditioner that made me hungry every time I showered. Anyway, after opening the container and peering inside, I found small Dippin’ Dots style beads of vanilla ice cream. Yeah, there’s no way this is going to work. I poured the milk to my desired thickness using the “Milk Fill Zone,” a small transparent square which lets you know when to stop pouring, and shook my heart out for the required 30 seconds.

Holy frozen cow juice, it works! I reopened the plastic jar and witnessed the end result of a fantastic transformation from frozen beads of vanilla ice cream covered in milk to a thick and creamy milkshake. Sure it wasn’t the exact consistency of a traditional blended milkshake, but it’s close enough for the small amount of work it required.

And honestly, any inconsistent texture or non milkshake-like traits will be immediately forgiven when you take your first whiff of the delicious, rich vanilla aroma. It’s so thoroughly delicious and sweet, not obviously artificial, and completely amazing. This was the perfect treat for me since, as I’ve already stated, vanilla is my absolute favorite scent. I am beyond pleased with this vanilla mock shake so far.

Sealing the deal even further is the mind-blowingly delicious flavor. Thick, rich, and absolutely satisfying, the delightful vanilla flavor will win over any skeptical milkshake fanatic. It is truthfully one of the greatest tasting vanilla products I’ve ever consumed during my incurable addiction to vanilla.

Score: 9.63/10

Aroma: 9.5/10
Flavor: 9.75/10


mollicoolzstrawberryStrawberry milk was always a favorite treat of mine as a child. It’s sweet, tasty, and unique, a nice escape from the standard old chocolate flavored dairy drink. But sadly since my journey through puberty began 6 weeks ago (I’m a late bloomer) my love for strawberry milk has seemingly dissipated. I’m not sure why, but haven’t even attempted to drink it since I was a child.

That’s why I was so eager to drink the strawberry flavor of MolliCoolz! Shakers. I don’t remember much about Strawberry Milk, in all honesty, but I do remember it being delicious and comforting, though I also recall needing more syrup to get the proper strength of flavor. But enough rambling, it’s review time!

Opening the plastic jar, I was immediately treated to a delightfully sweet artificial strawberry aroma, very similar to a shake you’d grab from a restaurant or dairy bar. Hazy childhood memories float through my head, like a walk down memory lane. The nostalgia is almost as good as the aroma!

After the shaking process, which is still fun the second time through, I open the lid and immediately lift the deliciously thick and creamy shake to my lips, taking in a mouthful of strawberry goodness. It’s very sweet, indeed, though slightly weaker and a little less impressive than its Vanilla counterpart.

However, I won’t deny the huge smile I had on my face after indulging in this delicious treat as I recalled precious childhood memories of learning to ride a bike and all the bruises I got. Or was that just what I was supposed to tell the police? Oh well, either way, Strawberry is another stellar win for MolliCoolz.

Score: 9.25/10

Aroma: 9.5/10


mollicoolzchocolateNext I decided to try the flavor I knew I would enjoy the least, Chocolate. It’s not that I have anything against chocolate, it’s just that I find chocolate drinks and milkshakes much too rich and not very refreshing at all. Opening the lid and getting ready to poor the milk, I was treated to a very robust chocolate aroma that instantly reminded me of Wendy’s Frosties.

After the shaking process, which is no longer very fun and is really just making my arm hurt, I dove straight into the chocolate shake to see what awaited me. As expected from the alluring aroma, this flavor is powerfully reminiscent of a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s, which gives it definite appeal to the average chocolate loving consumer. I find it to be a little too rich, but as I said, I’m not a huge chocolate guy. For those of you who are, however, you need to check this out.

Score: 8.8/10

Aroma: 9.0/10
Flavor: 8.75/10

Cookies & Cream

mollicoolzcookiescreamLast and most certainly not least I tried Cookies & Cream, the one product that I was unsure of. Cookies & Cream flavored drinks are often times hit or miss, but given the amazingly great performance of MolliCoolz so far, I’m expecting nothing short of heaven. For the fourth time I add milk and shake my heart out, anticipating finally trying the final flavor.

When I open it I know I’ve got a winner. Cookies & Cream went through the most impressive transformation of all the drinks, mostly white beads with a few chocolate ones mixed to create a truly authentic cookie dessert. And the aroma is nothing short of spectacular. It smells exactly like an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

After taking my first sip, my mind was blown. You know how you drop a cookie in the milk and save it for last, and it’s always the best part of cookies and milk? That’s exactly what this tastes like the entire way through. This is easily the best flavor of MolliCoolz! Shakers, and that is coming from someone who usually prefers Vanilla above all else. Sorry Vanilla, you were my first love but I’ve found someone else.

Score: 9.8/10

Aroma: 9.75/10
Flavor: 10/10

But as thoroughly delightful as MolliCoolz! Shakers are, they certainly aren’t perfect. Like I’ve said, they aren’t the exact consistency of authentic milkshakes. For instance, if you use even a little bit too much milk, all of the ice cream portion floats to the top of the milk, creating two entirely separate textures. Another thing is that they seem to melt very fast. This doesn’t bother me, as flavored milk is just as tasty and even easier to chug, but it might bother some picky people.

My biggest complaint is towards the product’s container. The Milk Fill Zone, for starters, isn’t as transparent as it probably should be, forcing users to hold the Shaker up to eye level and against some light to make sure they are getting the desired amount of milk and not too much. But the biggest turn off is the foolish shape of the container. It is essentially a plastic jar, and the opening is much too small for anyone older than 10 years of age to drink out of without getting milkshake residue all over their nose every time they take a sip.

Final Words

I can’t praise MolliCoolz! enough for their spectacular Shakers. Each flavor is near perfect, with aromas to die for and tastes to match, these are about as close to recreating authentic milkshakes without the hassle and mess usually require that you are going to get. My favorite flavor is Cookies & Cream followed by Vanilla with Strawberry in third and Chocolate bringing up the rear, but I highly recommend trying the entire line of these fantastic products.


  • Each one possesses beyond delicous flavors and aromas
  • Very convenient and innovative
  • Four different drinks to choose from


  • Inconsistent results after shaking
  • Stupidly designed jar containers

Score: 9.37/10 (Amazing)

Vanilla: 9.63/10
Chocolate: 8.8/10
Cookies & Cream: 9.8/10

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  1. Those sound delicious, how could you not like chocolate. Especially a chocolate frosty

  2. I think you’re thinking of Etch a Sketch, Clay.

    Anyway, I used to buy like 10 of these every time I went to Walmart. Sadly they seem to have stopped carrying them in my area.

  3. Oh yeah, I was thinking of Etch a Sketch. I used to make milkshakes out of the inside of those all the time. Fucking disgusting, but when your drug addicted parents threaten to burn you with a crack pipe if you don’t drink one down, you do it! These are probably better.

  4. Wow, these really are amazing.

    Thanks for the review, you’ve turned me on to something wonderful!

  5. Oh my God these sound delicious. Crave attack for a Wendys frosty.

    Where can I get these?

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