[Energy Drink Review] Syzmo Organic Energy Drink


Syzmo Organic Energy DrinkI’m going to go ahead and be honest with you guys. I usually refuse to taste anything with a label of “Organic” since I had a terribly frightful experience with organic peanut butter. I don’t really want to go into it here, but let’s just say that there was lots of blood, tears, and a great loss of dignity involved.

Organic things just usually suck. I’m not saying all organic products are the pits, but the majority of them are absolutely disgusting when sat next to their chemical-enriched counterparts. And if anything has the potential to go horribly wrong by becoming organic it’s energy drinks. And peanut butter. So much blood…


Being made from Blue Agave, the same major ingredient in Full Throttle Blue Demon, I was expecting Syzmo to carry a relatively similar scent. Popping the tab and taking the first whiff, however, resulted in very a very different result than anticipated. Rather than having a fruity, blue scent (I know, I hate it when people describe things simply as “blue” too), Syzmo possesses a very salty and artificial aroma in the vein of Rockstar, which struck me as odd since this is an Organic beverage.

The flavor, like the aroma, yielded opposite results than expected. After smelling the drink and getting a strong Rockstar vibe, I was expecting a drink that also tasted like Rockstar. Nope, of course not. Wouldn’t you know it, Syzmo may not smell blue but it sure as hell tastes blue. The flavor is light and sweet, but unfortunately comes with a long-lasting bitter aftertaste that can’t be easily forgiven.

Syzmo’s energy blend is 125 mg of an organic coffee fruit concentrate which produces a surprisingly solid kick for the ingredients. That being said, however, this is no where near being on par with the big boys in the energy drink market and Syzmo’s punch is almost laughable when compared to Monster. It is, admittedly,  more potent than I was expecting, but that isn’t saying very much.

Organic things are always pricey, so it is not surprise that Syzmo comes packaged in a dinky little 8.4 oz single-serving can for $1.99, the average cost of a drink nearly twice this size.

Final Words:

Syzmo is organic and therefore has many drawbacks associated with anything organic. It doesn’t taste as good as non-organic drinks, the kick is much weaker than non organic drinks, and it costs almost twice as much as non-organic drinks. When you couple all of these truths together, the end result is a drink that is nowhere near as good as its less healthy competition.

I recommend Syzmo to people who are still in the organic craze for whatever God awful reason. To anyone who values taste and effectiveness over chemical-free status, this drink is not for you.


  • Organic
  • Tastes blue


  • Organic
  • Doesn’t smell blue
  • Weak kick couldn’t bruise a four year old girl’s ribcage
  • Twice as expensive as the competition

Score: 5.6/10 (Mediocre)

Aroma: 6.5/10 (Average)
Taste: 5.75/10 (Mediocre; lost points for potent aftertaste)
Kick: 5.75/10 (Mediocre)
Value: 4.5/10 (Bad; Half the size as the average energy drink for the same amount of money)

8 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] Syzmo Organic Energy Drink

  1. sorry i ran you into all these horrible drinks, i figured would have a blast with 60 cent energy drinks, but to find out they are so horrible that they should give them away for free.

  2. Who ever wrote this post doesn’t know their ingredients!! First of all… You’ve been fooled by major marketing dollars like everyone else.. I guess Coke did a great job how they spent that money.. Full Throttle DOES NOT have agave nectar in it nor is even sweetened with Agave Nectar.. Boy have you been fooled!!.. Its a “Natural and Artificial” Flavor only they are using.. what ever that means.. SYZMO is atleast sweetened with pure Agave nectar. Guessn you haven’t even tried the Passion or Prickly.. Might try reading the ingredients closely on non organic products..

  3. @ offthecuff

    If Syzmo spent half of the funding on actually marketing their drink that they spend paying people like you to go around and bash negative reviews for Syzmo, maybe they would actually sell a few drinks.

  4. I’ve been calling you a tool to major marketing dollars for years. Even before I got to know you I just thought you had the look of a guy who would be easily duped by big money. Good to see someone else has finally figured you out.

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  6. Wow. You have no taste, and you are extremely biased. It’s a shame that people like you are allowed to write reviews.

  7. Billy,

    I do have taste, and I am not biased. In fact, since writing this review I have tried a few other flavors of Syzmo, and have granted them very high scores. Especially that Prickly Pear. Mmmm. Anyway, this was just a mediocre drink. Nothing else can be said.

    Also, Syzmo went out of business since this review was published. It just reminds me of what I said to offthecuff a few comments up.

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