Review: Full Throttle Blue Demon

Full Throttle Blue DemonOverview:

Blue Demon, the cousin of Fury, is a blue agave flavor supplement from Full Throttle. Chances are that you don’t know what blue agave is, so I’m going to tell you. The blue agave, or tequila agave, is a plant found most prominently in Mexico and is used to make — as you may have guessed — tequila. It’s basically a needle free cactus with a succulent, sweet tasting heart which is used for many alcoholic beverages, but mainly just tequila. There, you’ve learned something useless today!

So does Blue Demon, like tequila, cause your clothes to fall off? Let’s find out.

Straight from the can:

Why is Full Throttle Blue Demon infused with Blue Agave flavor? Because agave is blold. Bold like the time you went 13 rounds with your toughest opponent and wond. And with 3,000mg of the Full Throttle Energy Blend who can stop you? So start downing one now, step into the ring and…

Go Full Throttle or Go Home.


Full Throttle Blue Demon has a very light, crisp, and sweet aromatic sensation flowing from the open tab on top of the can. In fact, it just smells blue. That’s about all you can describe it as. It smells like all blue fruits at once, not a combination, but every blue fruit you can think of individually. And blue. Like the sky.

The taste is borderline average and good. You can’t really tell if you thoroughly enjoy it, or if it’s just pleasant and you don’t mind it because it’s not gross. It’s definitely not bold, though, as the packaging claims. It is in fact, much like the aroma, very light, slightly sweet, and totally blue. There is also a very citric aspect to the taste of the drink, blending well with it’s blue counterpart.

The kick performs slightly under that of Fury, it seems, even though they contain the same formula. It brings with it a slightly more jittery sensation likely brought about by the extra salts plaguing the blue agave. It’s not a bad or overly dissatisfying kick, just slightly under it’s orange cousin.

Blue Demon comes in your standard 16 fl oz can for the average price tag of $1.99. Nothing special, but it’s awful likely you’ll find them on a 2 for 3 sale at most gas stations.

Final Words:

Full Throttle Blue Demon performs mostly average when most elements are analyzed where as it’s cousin drink, Fury, thoroughly excels. The blue agave flavor is nice and light, providing a crisp taste that doesn’t cause your mouth to dry out and leave you thirsty for more.

Oh, and your clothes will stay firmly in place after consumption.


  • Flavored with a cactus
  • Light, sweet aroma


  • Slightly under average kick
  • Has to compete with the superior Fury
  • Doesn’t make girls naked


Overall: 7.1/10 (Average)

Aroma: 7.5/10 (Blue)
Taste: 7.0/10 (Also blue)
Kick: 7.0/10 (Average)
Value: 7.0/10 (Average)

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  1. It made me get naked, but that’s only because I spilled the damn thing all over my lap on my way home from the office.

    Good drink regardless. I agree that its not really bold tasting and that its inferior to fury.

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