[Food Review] Volcano Double Beef Burrito


volcano burritoI know it has been a long time since the Volcano Taco relaunched and brought its new friend with it. I am also aware that I had promised you guys I would review both Volcano products on the same day. Here we are, over two months later, and I’m finally writing this review. Truth be told, I didn’t even plan on reviewing it.

I had actually ordered the new Bacon Cheesy Potato, but thanks to the sub-high school education of the Taco Bell staff, I got this. Looks like the review blog gods are giving me a second chance, so I might as well take it.


The Volcano Burrito closely resembles a standard burrito on the outside due to the fact that, unlike its taco counterpart, there is no awesome red shell encasing all of the spicy goodies inside. This is a little bit of a disappointment, and a red tortilla wrapping would definitely be a distinguishing trait that would catch people’s eyes, but I have a feeling that the human body can only ingest so much red dye, so maybe the omission of color isn’t a bad thing.

Inside the wrap lies an admittedly impressive assortment of ingredients. Beef, seasoned rice, shredded cheese, sour cream, red strips and, of course,  Lava Sauce. Everything included in the burrito blends wonderfully and the end product is a delicious item that is heavy on heat and contains a great variety of textures ranging from crunchy to chewy.

The only thing is, the Volcano Burrito costs a ridiculous $3.19. That’s three dollars and nineteen cents for a burrito that is very, very similar to the 99 cent Double Cheesy Beef Burrito. $3 is far too much for the Volcano Burrito. In fact, I’d say anything too far beyond $2 would be a total ripoff.

Final Words

The Volcano Double Beef Burrito is delicious burrito. It hits crunchy, chewy, cheesy, and it is fairly satisfying. Most people are going to want to grab it with an extra taco, just to make sure ensure a full belly. But as tasty and satisfying as it is, the Volcano Double Beef Burrito is a complete ripoff, especially when you can order a Double Cheesy Beef Burrito, which is very similar, for only 99 cents.


  • It brings the heat
  • The ingredients help it hit a nice range of textures


  • It’s extremely over priced
  • About two hours after eating it, you’ll regret it

Score: 7.5/10 (Would’ve been much higher if it wasn’t so overpriced)

Taste: 9.0/10 (Crunchy, chewy, cheesy and spicy as Hell)
Ingredients: 8.75/10 (Plenty to love inside that tortilla shell)
Value: 5.0/10 (Ridiculously overpriced)

5 thoughts on “[Food Review] Volcano Double Beef Burrito

  1. Dude, those rock and Taco Bell rocks but you’re spot on about the price.

    **Hack** Order the $.99 beef and rice burrito and ask for Lava sauce and tortilla strips…depending on your cashier it’ll be anywhere from $.99 -$1.69!!!

  2. Oh, they are so delicious, even if they do give me diarrhea every time I eat them. And they are definitely criminal about pricing them, but I get mine in the Volcano Big Box.

  3. You know, I never really realized how much of a ripoff these really are. I think I’ll take Bear’s advice.

  4. Man I can’t stand the rice in their burritos. I love beans and rice but the bell version is not good and rice does not belong in a burrito in the first place. I say get the 1/2lb beef combo burrito and add Volcano sauce. For that matter you could probably get volcano sauce added to anything like even a grilled stuft burrito. One of my faves at the moment is the new chicken soft taco.

  5. holy shit these are so good! what i usually like to do is open them up and shove all the ingredients inside my pussy, and then finger my clit until i cum. THEN i eat the food. i’m not kidding either.

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