[Music Review] TV/TV “Not Red Enough” (EP)

tvtv notenoughredReview:

It’s not easy to review a band you’ve never heard of, but TV/TV at least make it an enjoyable job.

I was given the task of reviewing a 5-song EP of the New York City based band, and I must say, I was mostly impressed what I heard.

The band blends a lot genres together, the most obvious two being pop and punk. Of the five songs I was given the opportunity to listen to, they’re all incredibly upbeat and strong. Now while I would classify the band, if pressed, as “Pop,” that shouldn’t carry a stigma at all. What they provide is a strong example of what Pop music can be. It doesn’t have to be sugary and without any substance. When in the hands of good musicians, Pop music is not a bad thing. It is something that is harmless, but not worthless. What TV/TV provided me with  is something that, while not Earth shattering, is very listenable, fun and upbeat. I’ll examine each of the five songs individually, because I’m not sure of the desired track listing of the EP.

“Fire Island Freakout”– Starts off with a strong guitar riff, and then immediately reminds me of something I would hear at Warped Tour (an event the band is actually a part of this year). It’s strong lyrically and musically. It’s a good summer song, and I don’t know if that’s the intent, but it’s very enjoyable for the hot season.

“Good Cop Bad Cop”– A very strong song, the best of the EP. It starts off a little slower before building up into a more upbeat chorus. The song seems to be a struggle between two different desires, and the imagery evoked is very easy to relate to. “Your love is a prison, you put me away for life.” Nice lyric, I could totally see that becoming an emo catchphrase. Not that its a bad thing.

“Sleep on It”– One of the “poppier” songs, but I think it has a lot to do with that it has a very strong hook that really draws you in. It’s so upbeat and positive that it’s hard not to start bobbing your head along with the song. It seems to be about considering what you want and what you think you want before you act on it.

“Small Time”– Seems to be a song about embracing yourself, and who you are at the moment. That no matter what, it’s going to get bigger.

“Turn Me On”– Come on, what do you think the song’s about? It’s fun and that’s it.

Overall, I think the EP is worthwhile on a couple of fronts. It’s musically engaging. I never got bored listening to these guys play their music. The music is strong, the lyrics are fun and generally not complicated. A lot of bands seem to think that just by using a lot of interesting imagery and structure makes them better. It doesn’t. TV/TV is safe, and more importantly, they don’t suck. There is some substance to what they say, it’s not hard to follow, and they make their point.

TV/TV is fun, and above all else, they’re enjoyable to listen to. It might be radio-friendly, but that hardly makes them criminals. It’s their brand of music, and I’m glad I got a chance to listen to them and review their music. So thanks to the band, and whoever it was who decided to have Everyview.com do a review over your music. Truly a pleasure.

Final Words:

While perhaps not my exact brand of music, I did enjoy what I heard of this band. They’re fun and I would gladly listen to more of their music in the future, and am interested to see where they go after they get their feet wet on a more mainstream level.

Score: 6/10 (Good)

6 thoughts on “[Music Review] TV/TV “Not Red Enough” (EP)

  1. Good review, Andrew. They’re definitely a fun band, lots of good ol’ time rock and roll elements. I really enjoy listening to the EP.


    Let us know how they do at Warp’d, they have proven themselves as a band to watch.

  2. @ James

    Thanks for the link. Checked them out and was fairly impressed. I’ll keep them on my radar!

  3. And thank you for exposing me to an awesome band. I’m so excited old time rock n’ roll is making a come back.

  4. @ vitamin

    Old time rock and roll NEEDS to make a comeback. With bands like Nickelback and Hinder claiming to be “Rock” bands, it’s always refreshing to have someone produce something in the genre that doesn’t suck ass.

  5. Yeah, it’s great that real rock n’ roll is on its way back in. This is the best modern rock and roll band I’ve heard since that indy band of the month article you did for the marys.

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