Summer ’09 Movie Season Part 1

summer-movieEach year, film studios stack their summer release schedule with some can’t-miss blockbusters, usually sequels, and they make millions and millions of dollars. It’s tried and true. People have a little bit more spare time during the summer, and are maybe a little more apt to go to the theater to spend some of their hard earned money.

Summer 2009 has been horrifically disappointing thus far. We started off May 1st with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and will continue this week with the much anticipated release of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

Now while I’m pretty pumped for the newest Michael Bay (shaky cam robots out of focus with tons of explosions) film, the summer movie season that has preceded it has been what I would easily call lackluster. I have seen ONE good film all summer. (Thank you Zach Galifinakis and Co.) I have been excited for ONE film thus far (again, thank you, Galifinakis).

This is the best you have for the summer, Hollywood? A fourth installment into the overrated and overall pretty bland X-Men series? A re-invention of Star Trek? How am I supposed to be excited about a franchise I have never spent time with? Another (what proved to be terrible) collaboration between Dan Brown, Ron Howard, and Tom Hanks? Yet another Terminator movie with a horribly disjointed timeline?

The best part about these last four films is that, I believe, Star Trek is the only one that actually exceeded expectations. And it was the only one that wasn’t a sequel, but rather a whole franchise reinvention. But, unfortunately, it will eventually join that tragic club because it made a whole bucket load of cash.

Summer movies should excite and enthrall, not disappoint and depress.

Fortunately, my Eden comes on July 1st, with the release of “Public Enemies”. If you haven’t seen the trailer, do yourself a favor. It’s bound to be the best movie of the summer, and one of the best of the year. It’s everything that is right about Hollywood, even when it’s surrounded by everything that’s wrong with it.

End rant.

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12 thoughts on “Summer ’09 Movie Season Part 1

  1. Have you seen Up? Genius movie. One of Pixar’s best and the best movie I’ve seen this summer. Definitely check it out.

  2. I’m sorry I forgot to mention Up in this, because I would have loved to clarify just how boring and overrated Pixar’s movies actually are.

  3. My name is Zac Pritcher and my least popular post ever got more hits than all posts made by all other contributors put together. But that’s not enough for me, so I’m gonna plug my reviews on the comment board for pieces I didn’t write.

  4. I’m so glad my post could fester the pure hatred between you two. Love it.

  5. Clay, don’t feel bad. I too was adopted by meth addicts. 🙁

    Also yes, summer has sucked so far. Star Trek was amazing, I’m hearing horrible things about transformers 2, and Wolverine effing blows. Sigh.

    Oh, Andrew, you should totally check out Up, it’s a really good film.

  6. I MIGHT check out Up, on DVD. I’m considering checking out Wall-E as well, but if I’m not wowed by those, Pixar (with the exception of the Toy Story franchise) will be officially, and forever dead to me.

  7. Wolverine. Such a disappointment. And Transformers BLOWS! Oh my god first movie I’ve walked out on.

  8. @tallboy

    Wolverine is just a little too late for me to be super excited about it. I might watch it if it hits HBO or FX sometime, but I’m not paying to watch it. After three, what I would call lackluster films, they decide to start with the spin-offs?

    And I’m pretty sure you’ve read my Transformers review, and I wanted to walk out, but I didn’t feel I could bash it without reluctantly sitting through the whole thing. My girlfriend had to convince me of that about 11 times.

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