Review: Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight


You know how usually when you grab a bag of Taco flavored chips, they don’t really taste like tacos? Instead they possess a flavor that has been established as the official artificial taco flavor for potato-based snacks? Well those days are over, my friends, and it’s all thanks to Doritos.

The new Late Night Tacos at Midnight flavored Doritos are pure evolution in the most evolutionary manner possible. No longer must we settle for tortilla chips that claim to be the flavor of authentic Mexican cuisine. No longer must we take the lies fed to us in the form of salt and artificial seasoning on top of a corn chip. We now have something to believe in, the future of all snacking. Ladies and gentlemen, this is evolution in the works.


Upon opening your first bag of Tacos at Midnight, you’ll be hit with a powerful and confusing aroma. You won’t have any idea where the scent of freshly made tacos is coming from, because all you have is a regular ol’ bag of taco flavored tortilla crisps. But lean a little bit closer and you’ll see that these roses smell like exactly what the bag says they are. Tacos.

But don’t dive in just yet, take a second to fully indulge in this delectable aroma. If you deeply analyze it, you can smell every aspect of your standard taco ingredients. Crisp, fresh lettuce. Juicy seasoned beef. Rich, creamy sour cream. It’s all there, folks. But no matter how good it smells, there’s no way a tiny chip can taste a delectable as an actual taco. Is there?

Yes there is. I told you this was evolution of snacking, did I not? Grab one Dorito, gently place it on your tongue, close your eyes, and chew. Notice the creamy, rich flavor of sour cream. The wonderful sensation of seasoned beef. The lettuce. Yes, you can actually taste the crisp lettuce that serves as a primary ingredient for any hard-shelled Mexican cuisine. And the corn tortilla itself, of course, provides that wonderful, crunchy taco shell sensation. This is easily the most delicious chip you’ve ever eaten, is it not? It is.

And fear not, good Christians. The Devil plays no part in this obviously magical creation. In fact, there isn’t even any magic involved. Well, maybe a little. So without Satanic assistance, how is the taste of an entire taco shrunk down and packed into one tiny corn tortilla?

Natural ingredients. Doritos takes all of those wonderful taco ingredients–cheeses, sour cream, seasoned beef, fresh lettuce–and grinds them up into a fine powder which is used to season crisp, crunchy chips. This process proves to be more than simply superior than the artificial attempts at recreating something as delicious as and flavorful as the taco. It proves to be the next step. A true revolution.

Final Words:

Are these new Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight really as good as I claim they are? Yes. They pack as much flavor as Taco Bell’s 5-Layer Nachos. Everyone I have ever shared with agrees with me, except Patricker, whose opinion is almost never valid anyway (he likes Lady Gaga… on purpose). Trust me, go out and grab yourself a bag of these new delicacies and indulge in what will easily be the shifting point in your life. You will believe.


  • You can taste the cheese
  • You can taste the beef
  • You can taste the sour cream
  • You can taste the lettuce


  • As if America didn’t already have enough of an obesity problem, these creation make it far easier and more enjoyable to overeat
  • Bags don’t last forever ๐Ÿ™

Score: 9.75/10 (You may find some sour cream in your pants after tasting it in your chip)

Aroma: 9.75/10 (So… Good… )
9.75/10 (Mmmmmm)

37 thoughts on “Review: Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight

  1. My wife just went Wal Mart so I called her to tell her to look for these. I’ll be back in about 45 minutes to let everyone know if these are as good as you make them out to be, because no offense but it seems that you’ve glorified them a little bit.

  2. They’re sex. I just want to thank you Zac, for making my life complete, I love nachos, and tacos, both so very much, and now, I have BOTH….thank you

  3. Sorry I forgot to come back lol.

    THESE CHIPS ARE AWESOME! Soooo good. We went through the entire bag of chips in one day so we made a special trip just to buy more of them.

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  6. The Tacos at Midnight flavored Doritos are NOT simply their old Taco flavor re-released. They still sell the original “Taco” flavor Doritos around here and they are what the reviewer here referred to as the “artificial taco flavor” are exactly what the original Taco flavor was.

    The new Tacos at Midnight really DO taste like a real taco. You can taste freaking lettuce on it people, no joke. It’s a little strange but incredibly wonderful. Magic is the only way I can explain it.

  7. Your description in the beginning was my exact experience before I ever got to this page. We had tried to Late Night “poppers” flavor and were taken aback at its accuracy, so I breathed out, and then pulled the bag open and breathed in at the same time and it was a blast of taco air. Like taco seasoning, grease, cheese, and loads of cumin.

    It’s almost amusing how well-balanced and realistic these chips taste. However the process works. My only concern would be that the Late Nights would turn into a limited time brand, so do please by lots.

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  9. These chips are amazing!They really smell and taste like fast-food tacos.If you can get past the dumb name,please try them.Warning:these chips are loaded with MSG,so if you are sensitive to it or just want to hold on to all of your brain cells,avoid them.

  10. dude i ate those… and i was shitting lava for the next 3 days, i hate them >:[

  11. These chips rock! Pathmark in NYC has 14 oz Doritos on sale for $1.99 so I bought 2 bags of Tacos @ Midnight. I first found them by accident at Walgreens… and couldn’t resist the temptation to try. So glad I did….

  12. I went and bought the Tacos At midnight because of all the reviews and *freaked out*. I mean, seriously? Meat….Sour Cream….LETTUCE! All on a chip… what the crap? It defies logic.

    Althoughhhhhh… be honest, I bought the Jalapeno Poppers one, too…..and it is WAY my favorite compared to the Taco ones. They’re freaking awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I bought these. They come in a stylish neon sign black bag. I will admit they are tasty, but I found the flavor very very strong and the chip is gritty. I think they’re too much eaten all alone but would really be good with a tuna sandwich – or in a sandwich to give it texture and flavor. They are better than the regular or Cool Ranch Doritos. Going to try the jalapeno poppers next!

  14. I agree with Lassie, the bag is quite stylish, and that is what caught my eye and prompted my purchase in the first place. The packaging stands out because of the neon sign images

    But what does Late Night mean? Who eats tacos at midnight? This product appears to have been targeted toward a specific demographic or two. One imagines gamers, up all night, and also “those who roll their own,” who might also be engaged in addictive begavior…
    Whether or no you ascribe to either of these pastimes, or both simultaneously, the marketing is ingenious in its niche focus.

    Yet, I do not engage in either of those two behaviors, and I bought the product simply because the images on the bag looked cool, and intrigued me.

    Passing such a neon sign late at night, I would enter that shop, club, or bar.

    I searched out the label Late Night Tacos At Midnight and this site was the second one to pop up, after Fritolays’ own corp site. So hi, well met.

    Do you have a favorite product packaging image? Design, you see, is playing an increasingly pervasive role in our daily lives .

    BTW, no one has mentioned the delivious scent of refried beans that rounds out the intoxicating aroma.

    And the product itself is

  15. You are sooo right about those. I was blown away. Those flavologists at FritoLay are mixin it up. At first I found it creepy, then addictive. It is really Taco Bell in a bag. The dumb part is that you can buy 5 real tacos for the price of the ‘Ritos.

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  17. I was a huge fan of the 1970’s Taco Doritos. I actually hardly cared about the original Nacho Cheese flavor back then. Over the years my siblings and I would lament the long-ago passing of the 70’s Taco flavor. I read over the years on the internet about how the Taco flavor never really went away…that it was still available in certain regions…only to we crushed when other 70’s flavor fans would post “B.S. I tried them…it’s NOT the same…etc.

    I ate these TaM chips by accident last week. My wife brought some unopened bags home from a concert. She was asleep when I got home at 1am.

    Let me tell you when I opened the bag I felt like I’d gotten hit by a carpeted conversion van filled with hundreds of rolled-up Farrah Fawcett posters blaring the Bee Gees. I ate the whole bag.

    I haven’t eaten a whole bag of Doritos in over 30 years.

    I’m fairly certain this is not the same recipe/process as back then. But as far as I’m concerned it may as well be. This is basically the flavor I loved as a young boy.

    Great job guys!

  18. To begin, Doritos are by far my favorite chips in the world and I thank you for that. But, sadly I can’t find the regular Taco Doritos anymore. Thay seem to be replaced by Taco’s at midnight. I will give it to you guys, taco’s at midnight do taste ALOT like real tacos, but the fact is that while I like tacos, the chips lack something that makes alot of your other flavors good. They just don’t taste that good. Now I understatand this is just one persons oppinion, but I’m telling you honestly I know so so many people who’s favorite flavor was Taco doritos and the fact that they are replaced with this lesser tacos at midnight flavor makes me personally sad. I truely have asked alot of people about the tacos at midnight chips and I rarely find people that like them. Doritos had an amazing chip going with Taco. Tacos at midnight on the otherhand is a huge dissapointment for me and I feel is doritos worst flavor yet. I truely love you guys though. Just please bring Taco back even if it means taking tacos at midnight off the shelf. I understand the marketing of adding a new flavor and it might even temporarily be doing well because people buy it and think, “O a new flavor lets check it out!” but i truely will be SHOCKED if sales don’t start to drop after enogh people try it for the first time and realize what a let down the flavor is. But man the regular taco flavor was SOOO good and so many people loved it.

    Your best flavors
    TACO, cool ranch, salsa verde, spicy nacho, nacho cheese

    Your worst flavors
    tacos at midnight, black pepercorn something, last call jalapeno popers (terrible)

  19. @ John K

    We aren’t affiliated with Dorito’s. Anyway, Tacos at Midnight are awesome and totally delicious. But yes, the endangerment of the original Taco flavor is definitely a sad occurrence.

  20. Unfortunately not exactly to my taste. Either my expectations were way to high, or my tastebuds are shot.

    They taste to me more like off brand corn chips doused in off brand taco seasoning.

    Well, the name is right, in a way, the taste does remind me of too much drinking followed by quesy moments of trying to hold down a couple of late night tacos…

  21. i admit, i used to like doritos as a kid/teenager. but now, as an adult, i do not like them so much (an occasional grab bag of cool ranch is OK once in a great while, with a grinder). but i did find the packaging very becoming, and i love tacos (not just at midnight, all day long!!)…so i bought a bag. these are absolutely the best doritos i have ever had. they are as good as everyone is saying. i was very impressed. get some, try some, and you may end up liking doritos again after all these years, like me.

  22. there is only one word to describe these Doritos……Orgasmic. i will even go as far to say they are better than real tacos and eventualy will make tacos a thing of the past soon all mexican resturants will have a bag of these instead of actual tacos

  23. okayy.. soo friday wass my first time trying these.. and my friend was telling me you could taste the freaking lettuce.. i told she was exaggerating.. i opened the bag and i just knew her mom was making tacos… but it was the bag… WOW…! they are so good… they taste like real tacos.. and right now im craving rea tacos.. cravings gone… but i found the reviews exagerating until i tryed them… if you dont like doritos tacoss at midnight…. hmmm… woow..!

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  25. Hello there, I discovered your blog by way of Google at the same time as searching for a related subject, your site got here up, it looks good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  26. BRING THEM BACK!!!! they were the best thing that Doritos came out with. You could taste EVERYTHING!! and when you ate them with sour cream, it was a orgasm in your mouth! you guys could have really made a profit off of that flavor. It was so amazing. and it was selling BIG!!!! stupid move on your part to take in off the shelves. i heard someone in the store today ask if they still had the late night tacos. so do us all a favor on hear and BRING THEM BACK!!


  28. I justt tried them myself and they tasted eventually like a hard taco shell and nothing else complete waste of money compared to taste

  29. I’m trying this now (slightly different appearance of the packaging) and honestly doesn’t taste anything like tacos! It’s pure bbq flavored chips! Highly disappointing. I really believe bbq chips snuck it’s way into a taco labeled bag.

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