Review: Ecstacy Tobacco-Free Cigarettes (Reds)


Really? Tobacco free cigarettes? How pointless, right? Wrong. I’ll tell you what is pointless. Pointless is those energy cigarettes I reviewed a while back that make you want to run but you can’t because you’re busy hacking up your lungs. I absolutely hate those stupid things. Anyway, it’s review time!

I recently broke my addiction to smoking cigarettes, which is always a good thing. However, I still find comfort in holding a burning stick that releases carbon monoxide into my lungs and the environment killing both myself and any 6 year old with asthma. That’s where these become useful, they’re like the near beer of smokeable tobacco. If you’re bored while driving and start craving a smoke, light up one of these. If all your friends are smoking around the campfire and you really want to fit in, light up one of these. If you really want to look cool for the ladies without dying from cancer (as quickly), light up one of these.


Disclaimer: Smoking anything fills your lungs with carbon-monoxide which is a huge cause of cancer. I do not condone or recommend smoking of any kind, and this review is only for people who already smoke and are looking for a new product.

When opening a pack of Ecstacy Tobacco and Nicotine-free cigarettes, the first thing you’ll notice is the smell. It’s a very sharp, spice-like odor, almost like oregano or marjoram which shouldn’t be all that surprising since these are herbal cigarettes. It’s strange at first, as you’ll likely be expecting these to smell a lot closer to traditional cigarettes. Once they are lit they stop smelling like common kitchen herbs and start to smell exactly like burning grass. The odor doesn’t stick as bad as most cigarettes or cigars, but people will notice it on you.

The taste is very hard to describe off the top of my head so I’m going to go smoke another one to make sure I’m as accurate with my description as I can be. I’ll be right back.

Back. The flavor is very light and sharp and tastes nothing like tobacco. In fact, it’s almost the exact opposite. Tobacco is very full, rich, and robust whereas these herbal cigarettes are light, sharp, and almost sour. You pick up a slightly sweet flavor on the tip of your tongue when taking hits, but can taste almost nothing on the inhale. When you exhale, however, prepare to be overwhelmed with a sour, sharp herbal flavor that will burn your throat with a slight stinging sensation. A couple of hits in you’ll learn the proper way to hit these cigarettes without hurting yourself, but you’ll always notice the sour flavor and sharp, light texture of the smoke.

Inside the pack are 20 class-A herbal filtered cigarettes. My pack only ran me 3 bucks at my local cigar shop, but I’ve seen them go for upwards of  $6 for a single pack online. I cannot recommend spending more than $4 on these things, but if you can find them at your local tobacco or cigar stores then they will likely be fairly cheap.

Final Words:

Ecstacy cigarettes are a great substitute for real cigarettes for anyone honestly trying to quit smoking or anyone who has already defeated their addiction but is experiencing cravings again. I could also recommend these to anyone looking for something to smoke casually just for the heck of it. I enjoyed these enough to want to pick up some other flavors by Ecstacy and experiment with other brands.


  • Tobacco and Nicotine-free
  • Great for people trying to quit smoking, or keeping cravings at bay


  • Carbon monoxide is still a threat
  • Smell like burning grass
  • Sharp, sour flavor during exhale

Score: 7.5/10 (Average)

Odor: 7.0/10 (Smell alright before lighting, afterwards they just smell like burning grass)
Flavor: 7.75/10 (Once you learn the proper way to hit them, they aren’t too bad)
Value: 7.75/10 (Don’t spend more than 4 dollars on them and you are fine)

18 thoughts on “Review: Ecstacy Tobacco-Free Cigarettes (Reds)

  1. Have you tried the electronic cigs yet? Saw some people smoking them at a concert recently. Pretty strange

  2. To edjunkie:
    WHERE DID YOU SEE THOSE?!?! along time ago i stumbled upon electric cigs in a google search in electronics class… sitting next to Zac actually lol. anyways, it said they were only available in europe… I MUST FIND THEM! if you know where they sell them let me know asap!

  3. you can get e-cigs for a good price at

    when you say ‘Smell like burning grass’ do you mean these smell like marijuana?

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  5. Yes they smell like marijuana, they even have similar health helping as marijuana.I know many people on probation who smoke these and NO they have NOTHING in them that is illeagel that would show up in a drug test. They have been known to help with headaches if you use marijuana for medical purposes,try Ecstacy cigs,they are cheaper than buying “joints” but they do the same trick…but without the munchie attack. They also like in the review are great for people trying to quit or to keep urges at bay.

  6. I’ve been trying to quit nicotine using nicorette gum only when i have strong urges and when i go out on weekends or have a drink i use these with the gum. It gives me that smoke kick back feeling but defenitly isn’t nicotine zapping satisfying. The smell is kind of woodsy but i don’t really mind it. I’d like to try a stronger flavor though.

  7. I breastfeed and still crave cigarettes. I don’t want to pick up again but I do still want the oral fixation. Do you know if these are safe for breastfeeding?

  8. I smoked for about 15 years and these helped me quit all together… My biggest temptation to smoke was when I was drinking, I substituted these and made a conscious effort to smoke less until I completely kicked the habit!!

  9. Can you just do a review for most things in life? It would be really helpful if everything was spelled out honestly and obviously like this. The rating is nice too.

  10. Ecstacy makes a ‘Cannibis Free’ herbal that does smell just a little like pot, but that’s it. I’ve tried all of their herbals, (except the menthol), the reds, the whites, the regulars, and they all have about the same taste and smell, which is nothing like tobacco or pot. I could have gotten used to the ‘flavor’, but the biggest drawback was that there was no draw sensation. You can take the biggest draw you can muster off one but you will feel nothing. It’s though you are sucking nothing but air. You’ll exhale a lot of smoke, but it’s like a vapor instead of anything with substance. You won’t feel like you’re inhaling anything when smoking these.

  11. A month ago I started smoking ecstasy cigarettes and quit tobacco ones. I smoke 2-3 a day. I feel a lot better for quitting tobacco/nicotine and it smells much better. Now if I taste a tobacco cig it tastes gross. Ecstasy cigs are sweeter and I feel are very satisfying. I disagree with people above because I think I get a strong flavor when I inhale and feel like my lungs fill with smoke. Only $2.50 a pack but hard to find in southern cal.

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