[Flash Game Review] Last Robot 2

Last Robot 2 is a typical distance flash game.  Try to get your robot up to a big pizza in the sky by bouncing off of platforms.  There are different abilities to help you reach your goal.  There is a parachute to help you get from platform to platform, and you can buy the ability to fly.  It’s the same as most distance games: get as far as you can while collecting “coins,” fail to reach your goal, buy upgrades, and try again.

The graphics are weak, but that’s not what these games are about.  There are 8 upgrade categories in which to sink coins, and three levels that compose each upgrade: maneuverability, jump height, and armor are just a few.  There are even a few achievements to top everything off.

There are two types of platforms:  a regular one, and one that will disappear after you bounce off of it.  After a certain point, missiles will be launched at you from above. It’s not a difficult game, and it’s not even very time-consuming.  It’s a very basic distance game that does little to set itself apart. The game lacks any real depth and is quickly beaten.

Final Words

It’s a playable game.  It can kill half an hour.  If you like distance games, then go for it.

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  • Quick and easy distance game that can kill time.


  • Too easy
  • Too quick.

Score: 4.0/10 (Bad)

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  1. Yeah, there are far better games of the same type out there. This was just… very forgettable. Which is strange because the premise is so absurdly awesome. Giant pizza in the sky? How did they manage to mess this up?

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