6 thoughts on “[Social Ineptitude Review] Having to excuse yourself from the banquet you’re covering to go to the bathroom to gag out the pen spring you were chewing on after it accidentally shot down your throat…

  1. Extreme illness or death…..that is the only way. Man, that rickey kid was really mean about your sleeping bag review. Yet, he is over they age of 10 and still goes by rickey.

  2. Why don’t you quit chewing on pens? One day one is going to leak all over your face and you won’t know until you go home 5 hours later and see it in the mirror. Then you’ll be embarrassed because no one bothered to tell you the entire day because people don’t like mentioning things like this.

  3. And given the incident above, there’s apparently also the real risk of choking to death, which really aught to be a pretty strong motivation to change your behavior.

    That and the risk that after years of your friends allowing you to pick up/fiddle with/chew on any small items in their apartment, they might eventually reach a breaking point, tolerance-wise.

  4. Oh, burn on me, Adam! I’ll shed a tear into the millions of dollars I’ve earned over the years being better than clowns like your buddy Casual Clay Cunningham.
    Jesus, as if you actually have friends. Your mommy would actually have to let you out of the house at night for that to happen. Next time you create an alter-ego, make him a bit more believable.

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