[Food Review] Logan’s Rib-Eye

Here’s a portion of a Does It Hit The Spot review:

Last night my family and I went out for dinner to Logan’s Rib-Eye, one of the many steakhouses in the Terre Haute area. You see, here in Terre Haute, people don’t take kindly to many types of restaurants. It seems the only ones the majority of the the population will give their business to are steakhouses, Mexican, BBQ, Chinese buffets and any type of fast food. Except Hardee’s. Hauters don’t like Hardee’s. There’s also an Indian place, but the only people who eat there are other Indian people.

Listening to me complain about the monotony that results from eating out in my city, you’d think I’ve eaten at every establishment multiple times and have grown weary of dining at all local restaurants. The truth is I’ve not even tried half the places at my disposal, Logan’s being one of them.

Was it any good? Let’s just say I’ll be going back.

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