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Steak ‘n Shake finally got on board of the specialty burger boat, and have been working with a menu that has a variety of options, including the Spicy Chipotle Burger.

While delicious, this cheeseburger provides no real discernible spice, but does pack enough tangy flavor to make it recommendable for anyone tired of the normal cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger parade. The Spicy Chipotle comes with peppers, onions, and a chipotle sauce. All three of those things blend to create a truly delicious, if not slightly underwhelming, steakburger.

The size of the burger is adequate, if not trending just a bit on the small side of the scale. But one major issue is with the bun, and it has proved to be a disaster multiple times. The bottom bun becomes softened by the amount of things piled on, and begins to disintegrate with each subsequent bite. This is a major issue at Steak and Shake. Great burgers, crummy buns.

The taste of the burger is its strength, although the title is misleading. It, in no single way, is spicy. It’s more of a zesty feeling, not a reach for your drink spice that I know I was hoping for.

Final Words:

To sum up, it’s a good burger with a good price tag, a slightly misleading name and a terrible bun.

Score: 7.0/10 (Good)

3 thoughts on “Steak ‘n Shake Spicy Chipotle SteakBurger

  1. I am bent on hating Steak n Shake, because I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive experience there. Though maybe it is only the location I’m visiting that offers awful service and fucked up orders.

    Still, it’s certainly quite the accomplishment to have never once satisfied me. I’m not that hard to please.

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  3. i fucking hate sns. i work there and they work us to death for no pay and everything breaks…

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