New Kanye West song leaks, takes over the internet

No matter you’re opinion of hip-hop dynamo Kanye West, chances are you can at least recognize the musical talent of the man. This week a new song leaked from his next album Good Ass Job, and it sounds as if Kanye has not only gone back to his bread and butter sound, but it sounds as if his motivation is sky high. The song is called “Power,” and it’s old school Kanye (old school? The guy has been around less than a decade!). But nonetheless, Kanye seems to be back in top form.

Preview the song here:

2 thoughts on “New Kanye West song leaks, takes over the internet

  1. I listened to about half of it before I couldn’t take anymore of that continuous tribal singing in the background. It was extremely obnoxious.

    Lyrically relevant, that much is true.

  2. This song reminds me of another track that I really enjoyed listening to … I can’t quite recall which :-\ anybody know who I’m talking about?

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