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You wanna know something about writing three Mountain Dew reviews in the span of 12 hours? It’s actually a million times more tedious than it sounds. But with this, I’m finally done, so here’s my review of Whiteout.


To me, Whiteout, which is being called a “smooth citrus Dew,” looked like the least appetizing of all the new flavors. When I saw the bottle, it looked to me like someone just bottled up water that had recently absorbed about two dozen antacid tablets. However, a quick glace at the official Dewmocracy website shows it to be out in front of the other two flavors, including an early lead in my beloved home state of Indiana. So with such a solid word-of-mouth, I was a bit more eager to try it out.

Sadly, I quickly realized I should have maintained my skepticism, as this actually turned out to be my least favorite of the new flavors, and arguably the least appealing Mountain Dew creation I have ever come across. I didn’t struggle to finish it, but I was hardly jonesing to purchase myself a second bottle when I did finish.

This just sort of tasted like a run-of-the-mill citrus beverage. While it’s a step up from an awful drink like Simply Lemonade, which is essentially citrus flavored battery acid, it’s a step down from the usual Mountain Dew fare. There wasn’t really anything positive about the Whiteout flavor that jumped out at me.

Then there was the aftertaste. This was a complaint I had in my Distortion review, and it was even more prevalent here. Like Distortion, the taste isn’t really repugnant, but it’s also not anything will find to be pleasant.

It also wasn’t great accompaniment to the Subway Chicken Sandwich I drank it with. Again, it wasn’t that it made my eating experience worse, but it didn’t make it better either.

One advantage Whiteout may have over the other two flavors is that it offers more in the way of originality. Both Typhoon and Distortion are easily comparable to other flavors, while Whiteout doesn’t instantly compare to any Dew concoction I have ever tried (although I’ve never tried Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew, so if this was simply a carbon copy of that, I’d have no way of knowing). Perhaps this explains why it has taken an early lead in the fan vote, but for my money, it was the least appealing of the three flavors, only one of which I actually liked.

Final Words:

Of all the new potential flavors, I feel Typhoon is easily the best, and for what it’s worth, I feel comfortable giving it the official Everyview endorsement, as I found it not only to possess the best taste, but it’s also the only one I could see myself purchasing on even a part-time basis.

As for the current leader in the polls, I can’t get behind it like much of the early voting public has thus far. It’s just sort of has a bland citrus flavor that stays with you longer than you wish it to. In the future I may be willing to reevaluate my opinion on either it or Distortion at a later date if they do manage to win the final vote as I wasn’t exactly nuts about Code Red the first time I tried it. But for the time being, the no. 1 choice is obvious to me.

Final Score: 5.7/10 (Bahk, ugh, jeesh…I’ll take a Crab Juice.)

Click here to cast your official vote in the Mountain Dew “Dewmocracy” competition. The final vote concludes June 14.

14 thoughts on “[Drink Review] Mountain Dew: Whiteout

  1. Most of this year’s dewmocracy contenders seem pretty uninspired. Though I don’t remember any of the other flavors from any past dewmocracy besides the Berry one. It was good.

  2. Where did you find these new Dews at? I checked Kroger, but that place must have the most blatantly retarded staff I have ever met. Not every Kroger, just the one in North Terre Haute. Anyway, I myself am something of a Dew afficiando and love trying the new ones when they come out. I agree with the utter lack of creativity in bottle design. Also, the names are pretty freaking lame too. They set the bar too high with Code Red in every aspect.

  3. I purchased mine at a Casey’s General Store in Remington, Indiana. It may be worse that just Kroger in this area, as the Speedway in Brazil also didn’t carry them

  4. Like Distortion, the taste isn’t really repugnant, but it’s also *not anything will find to be pleasant.*

    not anything will find to be pleasant.

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  6. wow dude you have issues whiteout is the BEST and everyone i know and who has tried it thinks the same WHITEOUT FTW!

  7. White Out reminds me of Mello-Yello that Pepsi released when Mountain Dew originally came out.

  8. White Out is the best, I think because it reminds me of a mix between Sundrop, Sprite and Mello Yello. So, don’t be hatin’.

  9. i think that white out was the best, but all people dont have the same tastes so dont yell at him for not liking it, why should you care if he liked it or not. hes not hatin, hes just not likin, i agree its not the best of flavors, simply limonade sucks!……..so dont yell at this dude for not likin the drink, your stupid comments wont change his taste buds…..

  10. I like the taste of the white out, but it gives me the runs. I had 2 bottles 2 weeks apart and it made my stomace hurt and the runs.

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