[Energy Drink Review] Monster DUB Edition

Monster DUB Edition is essentially a special edition of Monster Energy Drink made in collaboration with DUB magazine (if you don’t know what that is, you’re likely white or Chinese), an automotive publication that takes pride in providing content composed of pimped out “rides.” I could add a few more “fresh” vernaculars, but my grasp of the various methods of “phat” slang is severely limited. Hopefully this drink will fix that.

Straight from the can:

The Monster Energy DUB Edition is more than just another energy drink. It’s high performance fuel for the true baller. Made by the crew at Monster Energy, DUB Edition is optimized for the mobilized. A customized formula in collaboration with the kings of customization.

I’m not necessarily sure what a “true baller” is, but I know it’s something good. From now on, this is the only thing I’m ever going to drink. It’s time to “get retarded.” “Bitches.”


Upon removing the cap from the huge break fluid-looking can, my nose was immediately met with a tart, sugary aroma that somewhat reminded me of Shocktarts. The primary scent seems to be some sort of artificial grape, perhaps with a slight mix of original Monster blended in as well. It’s really hard to decipher the aroma, but it’s at least fairly appealing. Aromatically it isn’t the greatest energy drink scent I’ve come across, it’s got a great sweetness that reminds me of childhood candies.

While the scent isn’t exactly mind-blowing, the flavor is something much better. Pouring the purple liquid into my mouth, I’m met immediately with the sweet, sweet grape flavor I detected in the aroma. Not overly artificial, no chemical sting or medicinal burn, just the right amount of carbonation, and lighter in texture than the original Monster, DUB Edition tastes fantastic. After you gulp down that first swig of sugary grape goodness, a noticeable hint of original Monster flavor will break through, leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste.

The Monster family of energy drinks have achieved their place as one of the most beloved energy drinks for various reasons, and one of the most prominent of which is certainly because of the kick. Monster drinks always deliver fantastic boosts of great energy, and DUB Edition is certainly no exception. Just about 20 -25 minutes after pounding back that first serving, you are going to be feeling great. No jitters, better performance, enhanced concentration, the ability to jog for more than 10 steps — all of this comes sans crash.

Perhaps the most attractive to some would be the giant ass can in which DUB comes packaged. A 32-oz, quadruple serving can, decked out with a gold and purple paint job and equipped with a CAP CAN lid. At $3.99, it keeps right on track with the industry standard. Honestly, I would’ve loved to have seen this stuff cheaper than four bucks, though. At any rate, it’s pricing is acceptable.

Final Words:

DUB Edition is a fantastic addition to the Monster lineup of energy drinks. Behind that elegantly designed can lies a beast of an energy concoction with one hell of a great taste and enough kick to get you where you’re going. And if it doesn’t, take the lid off and drink some more. You’ve got four servings of this stuff. It isn’t perfect, however, as the aroma is a bit too tart and it should’ve come at a better value for being such a large bulk, but instead it is simply priced at the regular industry standard.

One thing’s for sure. My chain is certainly hanging a bit lower after every can.


  • Great grape flavor blended with original Monster
  • Excellent kick
  • Damn, that’s a big can
  • Hip hop vernaculars


  • Stained my favorite light gray shirt
  • A bit tart in aroma

Score: 8.8/10 (Great)

Aroma: 8.0/10
Taste: 9.75/10
Kick: 9.5/10
Value: 8.0/10

9 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] Monster DUB Edition

  1. Dude wash your tires next time. A “true baller” would have those tires shiny.

  2. Haha, those aren’t the wheels to my “ride.” I used my friends’ tires because they are shitty, for comedic effect.

  3. i am from Connecticut, and cant find dub edition in any conv. store or gas station i have been to. Do you know where i can somehow find this? or do you know a site where i can order this for a cheap price?……… Thanks.

  4. go to big lots….they’re a dollar fifty a can…or should i say a buck fiddy?

  5. Yeah as Steev said. Big Lots has these 32 oz cans as well as the 32 oz Heavy Metal Monsters for $1.50 each. That’s 75 cents per 16oz. Sure beats 2 dollars a can(if not more) for a 16 oz from a gas station or convenient store. Though they only have the two flavors.

  6. GOD DAMNIT, drinking on right now, but every time I open the swiveling lid thing it squirts shit in my face. Besides that, dope drink.

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