[The Everyview Update] Whatever The Hell Week This Is

Things are a bit hectic this week at Everyview HQ, as site creator/head writer/bastard who steals my ideas then quadruples my rate of success Zac Pritcher is vacationing in Memphis, Tennessee, walking with his feet ten feet off of Beale (anyone who gets this joke has made a friend in me for life).

While he’s gone, he has decided to pass on all the major editorship duties he usually handles, starting with the posting of this little weekly schpeal where we pretend to be delusional enough to believe we actually have readers, to me, Casual Clay Cunningham.

That said, I honestly don’t know exactly what is in store this week. Andrew Majors recently reviewed an EP by Tristan Clopet which I will post tomorrow. I myself may do an untimely and unnecessary review of an 11-year-old My Morning Jacket album, I haven’t yet decided.

Before we get into anything major, I feel the need to apologize in advance if the quality of work this week is a bit on the substandard side. Keep in mind I have never, nor have I ever desired to, run a website before, so I could prove to be in over my head. But no matter how bad it gets, everyone’s favorite manipulative bastard (who likely regrets letting me write this) will be back in a weeks time. Thanks, and please don’t give up on us based on this week.


5 thoughts on “[The Everyview Update] Whatever The Hell Week This Is

  1. Also, it’s Nashville. Not Memphis. I’m bunking in a shitty Econolodge motel that wreaks of unwashed sheets and prostitute snot. At least there’s free WiFi!

  2. Damn! Oh well, if people know it’s Nashville, my Mark Coen reference falls on deaf ears.

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