[Food Review] Cupcake Pebbles

I love cereal. I love cupcakes. Cupcake-flavored cereal? Sign me up!

Cupcake Pebbles is essentially exactly what the name implies. The classic Pebbles shapes sweetened and flavored to taste like delicious, tasty little cupcakes. It’s a fantastic idea, really, and when you think about it there has been a pretty sizable explosion of food products that taste like various forms of cake despite being other things. Take, for example, that BK Birthday Cake Milkshake, which was delicious. Something else that comes to mind is the Yellow Cake flavor of Nuclear Energy Powder, which is the best flavor of that particular line of products.

Do the Cupcake Pebbles manage to topple Fruity Pebbles as my Pebbles of choice? Let’s find out.


While I was pouring the little flakes of cereal, which looks like little chips off of a piece of confetti cake, my nose was met with a very subtle aroma. I leaned in, took a deeper whiff, and found a delicious, rich vanilla scent that, while a bit modest in potency, made me anticipate this morning’s breakfast even more. Vanilla is my all time favorite aroma/flavor of anything, so I could already tell I was going to be pleased.

The first bite yielded no surprise, as the cereal was delicious and fairly rich, but not overly so. Cupcake Pebbles really taste like cupcakes, which makes this one of the most unique breakfast cereals I’ve ever had. It reminds me of a few weeks ago, when I actually ate cupcakes for breakfast. But that was before we ran out of cupcakes, and this is now. Things have changed, and these Pebbles make me feel much more comfortable with my altering surroundings.

Though it isn’t all good. After finishing the bowl I was struck with the trademark film of sugar and bitter artificial flavors that Fruity Pebbles are so well-known for. It wasn’t quite as bad here as with the aforementioned cereal, but it’s noticeable and uncomfortable to say the least.

Another problem I have with the Cupcake Pebbles is that, just like with their cousins Fruity and Cocoa, they get unbelievably soggy unbelievably fast. If you’ve ever had a bowl of any kind of Pebbles you know what I mean. The cereal begins to lose all structure  and slowly becomes part of the milk, leaving behind any evidence that it was once crispy and appealing in texture. If you’re turned off by soggy cereals you may want to skip this one or, better yet, eat it dry. It’s too tasty to miss out on.

Final Words:

If you’re like me, you love cupcakes. If you’re not like me you’re skinny. If the former more describes you, then you need to get your hands on a bowl of Cupcake Pebbles. Despite being too quick to sog and the of leaving the sugary film in your mouth, this is a unique, one of a kind cereal that tastes great and really satisfies your sweet tooth. While I definitely still prefer Fruity Pebbles, this cereal was a nice distraction and is a good option to have sitting on top of your fridge.


  • Sweet and delicious
  • Cupcake-flavored cereal


  • Gets soggy really fast
  • Leaves behind that disgusting film once you finish the bowl

Score: 7.75/10 (Good

5 thoughts on “[Food Review] Cupcake Pebbles

  1. I’ve always detested the Pebbles brand because of the disgusting insta-sogginess you mentioned. If you eat them on a particularly muggy day the humidity from outside the house makes them mushy before you even take a bite. And this is coming from me, the biggest connoisseur of cereal you know.

  2. Bought a box of this stuff a few days ago, finally got around to buying milk to eat it.

    This review is dead on, although I didn’t experience the film the author mentions.

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