[Energy Review] Plutonium Energy Powder (Pear)

Plutonium is one of three flavors from a line of caffeinated candy dust called Nuclear Energy Powder. We’ve got all three flavors to review, so we’re going to handle this like we did with the Nitrous Monsters. First we’ll publish our individual reviews for each flavor, then a review for the line of products as a whole, with links to each flavor’s review.

This is the second flavor of Nuclear we are reviewing, following Radium. Plutonium is a Pear flavored candy, which seems to turn a lot of people off. Candy flavored like pears? It’s not all that weird, really. There are pear-flavored jelly beans. And they even have a pear-flavored jellybean-flavored pudding. So a pear flavored powder might be pretty good, right?


Speaking of pear-flavored jelly bean-flavored pudding, Plutonium Energy Powder possesses a scent that holds very similar aromatic properties to said pudding. It’s sweet with the apparent aroma of artificial fruit, though it isn’t necessarily chemical-like, and there is even a hint of creaminess, an attribute that I didn’t expect in the least. Overall it’s a pretty appealing aroma.

Plutonium has a very candy-like taste. It’s very sour, though not overly so, and it is equally sweet. The thing is, I really don’t think it tastes like pear. It definitely tastes like an artificially flavored pear candy, but  I can’t find even a slight bit of natural-tasting pear. It isn’t bad, in fact it is quite tasty, but if you’re worried that a pear flavored energy powder would be weird because you don’t like pears, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s much more like a fruity sucker whose flavor you can’t quite put your finger on. The one drawback is that the astringent attribute of caffeine is much more apparent here than in Radium, but thankfully the bitterness doesn’t last very long at all and fades away to leave a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

Just like with Radium, Plutonium provides a fantastic kick. Instead of downing the whole thing, I “sipped” on it every so often to make the excellent boost last several hours, and it worked great. I felt fantastically energized, though not overly so, for around 6 hours by just using the powder in moderation, and you could even milk more energy out of it by splitting rations in more strict portions.

Plutonium Energy Powder comes packaged in a brilliant test-tube container, which holds 8 grams of the energizing dust, for around $2 each. If you head on over to the Harcos Laboratories store you can get a small discount if you increase the bulk of your order to a 12 pack ($22) or a 36 pack ($65). Definitely reasonably priced. I recommend getting a smaller quantity first to see if you like it enough to drop $65 on it, though.

Final Words:

Though I don’t like Plutonium as much as I enjoyed Radium, this Pear-flavored energy powder is great, and just because it wasn’t my favorite doesn’t mean it won’t be yours. Like I already stated, you should definitely try all the flavors for yourself before making a up your own mind.

The obviously artificial flavor and sourness make this powder more like an everyday candy than a unique energy powder, meaning it stands out less to me. That being said, that may mean a good thing. Something that tastes like a sucker or jelly bean is much more likely to have a broader appeal, meaning the majority of people will prefer it.


  • Sweet and candy-like
  • Super sour
  • Excellent kick
  • Reasonably priced


  • Fairly pronounced caffeine taste
  • If you down the whole thing, the kick just won’t last
  • A bit too artificial

Score: 7.9/10 (Good)

Aroma: 8.0/10
Taste: 7.75/10
Kick: 8.25/10
Value: 7.75/10

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