[Energy Review] Radium Energy Powder (Raspberry Lemonade)

Radium is one of three flavors from a line of caffeinated candy dust called Nuclear Energy Powder. We’ve got all three flavors to review, so we’re going to handle this like we did with the Nitrous Monsters. First we’ll publish our individual reviews for each flavor, then a review for the line of products as a whole, while links to each flavor’s review.

The reason I’m doing Radium (Raspberry Lemonade) first is because it’s the most normal sounding flavor of the three, with the other two being Pear (Plutonium) and Yellow Cake (Uranium). Yeah, that’s right. Energy Powder flavored like effing cake.


Radium smells fantastic. It’s slightly sour, very sweet, and extremely refreshing. It smells almost exactly like those foot-shaped gummy candies I used to get at the dollar store when I was a kid. Does anyone remember those? Gummy feet? No? Oh well, back to what we were doing. The powder lets off an insanely satisfying berry aroma that will get your mouth watering in anticipation.

It tastes, for the most part, just as great. The moment the powder hits your tongue you’re met with this insanely refreshing flavor that, despite being a dry powder, immediately quenches your thirst. The berry flavor sits prominently on top of the well-pronounced lemonade flavor and the two flavors work effortlessly as a team to tickle your palate. It’s like a Pixi Stick on crack.

Things start to get bitter right after you swallow thanks to the naturally astringent flavor of caffeine, but luckily it lasts only for a moment before the berry and lemonade seem to regroup and cover the bitterness up to leave a pleasant aftertaste. If you pour too much in your mouth, however, the large amount of dry caffeine is just too much for any flavor to cover. Eat small amounts at a time. It is also worth noting that caffeine veterans may not even notice the bitter quality of the powder.

After consuming about half of the tube of blue dust, I felt completely rejuvenated. Empowered. Ready to run somewhere far away. Yeah! WOO!!!! This initial kick was one of the best energy boosts I’ve gotten from any product in a long time. I felt amazing, and I hadn’t even taken the whole thing yet. Once I finished the container I was wired. I felt beyond amazing.

Then, two hours later, back to my normal self. I was very disappointed that the energy high didn’t last any longer, because I felt better than I had in a long time. When using Nuclear Energy Powder, I suggest eating little bits at a time throughout your entire day to keep that excellent boost running all day long. That’s definitely going to be my strategy for the other two flavors.

Radium Energy Powder comes packaged in a brilliant test-tube container, which holds 8 grams of the energizing dust, for around $2 each. If you head on over to the Harcos Laboratories store you can get a small discount if you increase the bulk of your order to a 12 pack ($22) or a 36 pack ($65). Definitely reasonably priced.

Final Words:

I am very impressed with Radium Powder. It tastes great, the kick is amazing while it lasts, and the product is just plain fun overall. Much like the Mana Potions, it’s definitely marketed towards geeks. With its test-tube container and nuclear substance theme it has the potential to have very wide nerd appeal.

I definitely recommend Radium Energy Powder to anyone with a fancy for fun, geeky products of any type, or anyone looking for a new way to get some energy.


  • Wonderful aroma
  • Delightfully refreshing flavor
  • The kick feels great
  • Reasonably priced


  • Temporarily powerful bitterness from the caffeine
  • The kick is short-lived, at only a couple hours
  • Accidentally snorting some when smelling it. God that hurts

Score: 8.38/10 (Great)

Aroma: 8.75/10
Taste: 8.75/10
Kick: 8.25/10
Value: 7.75/10

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  1. Wow. It’s really surprising to see gimmicky products that actualy work and have a degree of quality to them.

    Sounds really tasty. Good review.

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