[Tech News] The Potential of the iPad

Recently at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts, Apple hosted a press conference specifically for the newly announced, but highly criticized iPad. I saw a picture of it and honestly saw what I expected to see. Then I read about its hardware, and especially about its OS. Of course I was one of the people who quickly judged the iPad and criticized it for practically being a large iPod touch.

However, then I started to rationally think about Apple as a company and started to brainstorm on them in retrospect. Before you continue to be let down with the iPad, let’s state some facts. Apple is well known for the fact that it seems to come out with a new generation of its hardware of every type every few months it seems, save the iPhone which is coming at us annually. This has got to be one of the most diabolic but clever plans I have ever seen a company come up with. It is an amazing way to continually get money over time. I remember when the iPod Nano was released and it was a huge success. Now about ten generations and millions of dollars later the iPod Nano has evolved into a versatile video camera, photo album, calender, simple gaming machine and music/video player, when all it sprouted from was a an MP3 player.

Now thinking about this, I have a feeling that Steve Jobs may actually be cooking something up in his giant brain of his. We need to tell ourselves to stop judging this book by its cover on first sight. All of Apples first generation hardware systems were quite basic and then evolved into legendary status of technology.

As for the fact that the iPad uses the iPhone OS and that it continues to be limited to performing one task at a time, I’m not sure where that will lead to. Maybe the iPad’s own OS at some point down the road or maybe not. But what I am positive of is that this first generation of iPad is only the beginning and I believe that the iPad has the ability to revolutionize the tech world with future iterations. We’ll just have to wait and see where the iPad takes us on its path of evolution.

3 thoughts on “[Tech News] The Potential of the iPad

  1. Sure there is potential for future generations, but the fact that Apple is releasing such a useless machine is mindboggling. Their consumer electronics were successful because they were an evolution of what was already there. This is like 6 steps backwards for technology. This shouldn’t be released until they can make it more than an oversized paperweight.

  2. I concur the current level of the iPad is a disgrace but the potential of this device could well revolutionize technology. Maybe even cause the War of the Machines. I think they are gunna call it Skynet for its 10th generation design.

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