[Energy Review] Neuro Fuel (Sugar Free)

Energy drink companies are all about formulating sugar free versions of their drinks that taste exactly like the regular ones. This is definitely a good thing, as there are people out there with diseases such as diabetes who can’t afford to intake any more sugar than is absolutely necessary, and an energy drink isn’t necessarily worth dying over.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a re-review for a drink called Neuro Fuel. This week I’m back with a review for that drink’s sugar free counterpart. Let’s see how the Sugar Free formula stacks up against the original.


When examining the aroma of the beverage, I was surprised by how closely it resembled the scent of its sugar-laden sister. The only real difference I was able to notice was that the aroma was a bit less pronounced, but other than that all of the traits are intact. The sweetness, the slight saltiness, and the feint artificiality. Overall I’m just as impressed by Sugar Free Neuro Fuel’s aroma as I was by the original’s.

Sugar doesn’t really play a very large part in the way something smells, though. With sugar free energy supplements, only one thing matters: does it taste good? Sugar Free Neuro Fuel tastes exactly like the original while it’s in your mouth, but as soon as you swallow you’ll find the starchy, somewhat thick coating of artificial sweetener plaguing your palate that is almost always associated with anything sugar free. It only lasts for a brief second, and after the first gulp you won’t even notice it anymore. Overall, Sugar Free Neuro Fuel tastes just like the original, only with the slight aftertaste. I am very impressed with how well they were able to mimic Neuro Fuel’s flavor when making this without the sugar.

As far as the kick is concerned, it is every bit as fantastic as the original Neuro Fuel. The powerful uplifting feeling that improves your mood and makes everything requiring concentration easier to do is perfectly preserved in this sugarless adaptation of the drink, and the kick remains my favorite aspect of Neuro Fuel.

Sugar Free Neuro Fuel comes packaged in a 12 oz single serving can for $1.99. Try looking for it at your local gas stations. If no one has it, request they start carrying it.

Final Words

This is a fantastic sugar free formulation of the original Neuro Fuel. If you were a fan of the drink but ended up developing diabetes from drinking too many of them, this is perfect for you. Alternatively, if you drink tons of them but don’t want diabetes, I suggest switching to this stuff.

Either way, if you don’t want all the sugar and are looking for a decent sugar free supplement,  I suggest giving Neuro Fuel a shot. It’s not the best tasting energy drink out there, but it’s got one of the best kicks I’ve ever experienced from any drink.


  • Tastes and smells almost exactly like the original
  • Excellent kick
  • Not getting diabetes


  • Artificiality leaks through in the aroma and taste
  • Brief aftertaste and starchy coating from artificial sweetener
  • Diabetes

Score: 7.8/10 (Good)

Aroma: 7.0/10
Taste: 7.0/10
Kick: 9.5/10
Value: 8.0/10

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