[Energy Drink Re-Review] Neuro Fuel

Just about a year ago I posted a review for an energy drink called Neuro Fuel, a drink that was so utterly horrible that nothing I’ve consumed before or since (except that time I though ate body spray by mistake. Don’t ask) has even come close to being as disgusting. So why am I willing to re-drink something I hated so much?

Well it turns out that the disgusting can of nasty I subjected myself to was actually an accidental “bad batch.” When the folks behind Neuro Fuel found my review, they were confident that if I tasted their drink the way it was meant to taste, then I would enjoy it much more.

Let’s see if they were right.


After cautiously lifting the can to my nose, mind swarming with memories of the atrocious odor that plagued the bad batch I subjected myself to almost a year ago. I closed my eyes and took a whiff. To my immediate relief I found a rather delicious aroma that immediately caused my mouth to flood, my senses aroused by the sweet scent. There is a slight saltiness to the smell, and it’s easy to sense the artificiality of some of the ingredients, but overall the aroma is fairly pleasing.

Now for the moment of judgment. In my original review of the bad batch, I described Neuro Fuel as “two parts Preparation H, one part dead monkey fetus, and three parts wart puss” and meant every bit of that. It was genuinely awful, quite possibly the single worst thing I had ever put into my mouth. Words cannot describe how much pain I subjected my palette to while forcing that garbage down my throat.

I close my eyes, tilt my head, and take in a mouthful of a sweet, well flavored beverage with a slight citrus twist with a fantastically light, crisp texture. It isn’t the greatest tasting drink on the market by any means, as the drink is a bit more salty than I’d like and there is a noticeable chemical aspect that leads to a slight medicinal burn as you swallow. However these complaints are nothing huge, as it is easy to get passed these shortcomings, but they are there.

I said it when I posted the original review and I’ll say it now. After drinking Neuro Fuel, you will feel beyond fantastic. Even after forcing the awful bad batch into my stomach, hating every minute of it, I could not ignore how fantastic I felt. You don’t get a huge burst of energy, you won’t get uncomfortable, and you won’t get the jitters. After drinking Neuro Fuel you will be treating to a fantastic, uplifting boost that makes it easy to focus, perform, and concentrate, and it makes absolutely everything enjoyable. This is the way energy drinks should be in terms of a kick, if you ask me.

Neuro Fuel comes packaged in a 12 oz, single serving container for $1.75 per can when you buy it from Amazon, which I highly recommend doing as you’ll save plenty of money over shopping at a gas station. I do recommend picking up a single can first to see if you like it before spending $41.99 on a case of 24 cans.

Final Words:

I’m so glad the people behind Neuro Fuel saw fit to let me try it with its proper formula. Not only did it successfully wash away the horrible memories of that bad batch, but it’s one more energy drink I can add to my list of preferred drinks. While I admit that it certainly isn’t the greatest-tasting energy drink on the market, the wonderful uplifting boost more than makes up for any of the drink’s other shortcomings. It’s a truly fantastic feeling and there is really nothing quite like it.


  • Mouth watering aroma
  • Light, crisp texture
  • One of the greatest kicks I’ve ever gotten from an energy drink


  • Slight medicinal burn
  • It’s easy to sense the artificial ingredients

Score: 7.8/10 (Good)

Aroma: 7.0/10
Taste: 7.0/10
Kick: 9.5/10
Value: 8.0/10

5 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Re-Review] Neuro Fuel

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  2. my favorite energy drink. up the piracetam to 1600 mg, and add some like distinct analog of marijuana or ecstasy in it lol.

  3. where the heck can u find this stuff!! it’s not online or in any store, is it no longer made?

  4. It’s in every single grocery and gas station here. Granted i live in Knoxville.

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