Get Yourself a Chicken Samwich and Some WiFi… FOR FREE

And maybe a Dr. Pepper to drink.

To clarify, only the WiFi is free. You’ll still have to pay for your chicken samwich. Anyway, people across the U.S can now officially take their large number (insert favored combo meal number here) with a large side of Wi-fi when they visit the nearest McDonald’s! Some of us may or may not have been familiar with the fast food titan’s surly charge of around three dollars for a two hour pass to the store’s wireless internet connection. Well my brothers and sisters I am here today to tell you that it is no longer so!

We have come one step closer to reaching the promise land in free internet.  Just under 12,000 wireless capable restaurants, means I’ll be spending less time at those dim lit hipster nests that we know as coffee shops and more time at the grease stained, heart destroying golden arches! Though the stores that never had wi-fi to begin with will not be gaining acces, the multitude of branches with the newly liberated Wi-Fi is still more than enough.


2 thoughts on “Get Yourself a Chicken Samwich and Some WiFi… FOR FREE

  1. They used to offer it for free for anyone with a Nintendo DS. Then out of no where they started charging, which is complete BS. But I don’t think I’ll be spending much time at Micky D’s doing homework anyway.

  2. Yeah, I remember back in the day playing me some serious Metroid Prime Hunters whilst enjoying my Double Quarter Pounder with chees combo. Then they started charging, but for awhile they had a deal that you got the 2 hour deal for free if you purchased a value meal, then that even changed.

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