[Food Review] Chocolate Cheerios

The Cheerios family of cereals just won’t quit growing. Different flavors and variations of Cheerios have been continuously introduced since way back in 1979 and has hit flavors ranging from the long time favorite Honey Nut Cheerios to the less popular flavors like Berry Burst. For whatever reason though, Cheerios never thought to release a chocolate flavor, which is easily the most obvious breakfast cereal flavor. Until now.

Likely inspired by the success of 2008’s Banana Nut Cheerios, brand new Chocolate Cheerios attempt to satisfy the sweet tooth of chocoholics everywhere while simultaneously helping them lower their cholesterol and get some extra whole grain into their diets. Chocolate Cheerios took about 30 years longer to come out than it should have, but it’s finally here and I’m finally going to eat it.


Chocolate Cheerios is really almost exactly what you would expect it to be. Little chocolate colored circles of cereal of the exact same size and texture as regular Cheerios. The tiny little o’s possess a surprisingly rich and appetizing chocolate aroma that closely resembles Cocoa Puffs.

The first bite yields a satisfying crunch, but the flavor is nowhere near as powerful as you would be led to expect by the rich aroma. I was really a bit disappointed when I took my first bite, and the eating experience didn’t improve over the course of the bowl. Once you’re finished you may notice a slight bitter aftertaste, but that’s nothing a little milk can’t cure. There is nothing wrong with Chocolate Cheerios, don’t get me wrong. It is by no means a bad cereal. It just isn’t as good as it could have been.

The current big selling point of Cheerios is that it may help lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, and Chocolate Cheerios comes with a box jammed full of promises of better heart health, benefits of whole grain, and so on. I, for one, care very little about my personal health or then benefits from a cereal. If you’re into all that heart health crap (i.e. living longer and not having heart attacks) and love chocolate, then I’m assuming this would be a good cereal for you to try.

Final Words:

Chocolate Cheerios is definitely late to the party, but that doesn’t keep in from being a good cereal. And it is a good cereal. It’s just not an outstanding or even great cereal. It is packed with whole grains and promises of better heart health, which is becoming the best reason to eat any type of Cheerios. Partner the health benefits with a satisfying crunch, rich aroma, and decent flavor and you’ve got a cereal any chocolate lover should try.


  • Rich aroma
  • Great crunch
  • May reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Made with real cocoa


  • Doesn’t taste as good as I had hoped
  • A slight bitter aftertaste
  • Thinking that eating Cheerios prevents heart disease

Score: 7.0/10 (Good)

10 thoughts on “[Food Review] Chocolate Cheerios

  1. I had a bowl this morning, my mom got them from walmart. You’re right, they are lacking in flavor dept.

  2. I see no need for chocolate cheerios. other cereals are much better at being chocolate. banana nut is the fucking bomb though.

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  4. I actually really enjoyed Chocolate Cheerios and I’m quite a chocoholic myself. My only complaint is that as time goes on eating them, the chocolate flavor gets a little lost in the milk and starts tasting like regular cheerios.

  5. You assume wrong. Oats are what help prevent heart disease. This cereal is mostly corn. This will mislead most consumers, as it did you, and General Mills should be ashamed.

  6. Those dark-hearted bastards! Thanks for pointing that out, Elaine!

  7. I personally loved them! But they are in no way healthy. Nothing made with any amount of corn ever is. But I’m going to keep buying them for as long as they’re around.

    I’m glad the chocolate wasn’t overpowering.

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  10. One must ask how much cocoa is coating the Cheerios since the ingredients on the box list coloring without specifying dye numbers. If you have to use dye in your recipe, there may not be much coaco. Also, the dye may be giving off a bitter taste.

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