[Food Review] Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets (UPDATED)

Wendy’s has the absolute best chicken nuggets around, no questions asked. And now, here recently, a new form of that unparalleled nugget has been introduced to a market starved for new flavors of processed chicken to dip into their Chocolate Frosties. And what better way to serve up a new variation of a classic nugget than by making it spicy?

I’m not going to lie, I was very excited to try these. As I’ve already made quite obvious, I love Wendy’s nuggets. I also love spicy foods, especially spicy chicken. However delicious my dreams of these warm little chicken nuggets were, the real life things are nothing short of a disappointment.

That’s not to say these Spicy Chicken Nuggets are awful by any means. To be quite honest, they have an exceptionally well-presented flavor. The level of spiciness is just right, and the taste of the chicken is accentuated very well by the slight level of heat. I really, really like the way these little guys taste.

So what’s the issue? Why are they such a disappointment?

Texture. Unlike the fantastic regular chicken nuggets, the spicies possess a very unappealing texture, strongly resembling that of a wet sponge that spent 45 seconds in a microwave. They remind me of the super cheap microwavable chicken nuggets one would find in a generic unmarked white package in the freezer section of Sam’s Club.

I was expecting Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets with a kick. Instead what I was treated to was cheap, spongy nuggets with a kick. I’m not sure if they use different meat when they make these, or maybe the spicy breading just causes them to cook differently. Whatever the cause, these nuggets aren’t the ones you know and love.

Final Words:


While regular nuggets from Wendy’s are the most delicious little processed morsels ever served in a cardboard container by a fast food joint, the new spicy chicken nuggets simply don’t compare. While they do possess a great flavor, the warm, wet, spongy texture is more than enough to ensure you never buy these again. I know I won’t.


  • Great flavor
  • Cheap


  • Disgusting spongy texture ruins what could’ve been an excellent experience

Score: 6.5/10 (Below Average)


After more than just a few people suggested to me that I should give the Spicy Chicken Nuggets another chance, choosing a different Wendy’s or asking for a fresh batch, I’ve decided to throw in this little update.

I must’ve been handed a bad batch last time, because these things are much more delicious than I had originally thought. The fresh nuggets are super crispy on the outside, super juicy on the inside, and they hit the spot oh so wonderfully.

In order to do a quality comparison, I’ve got one order of Spicies and an order of regs. The spiced up nuggets are definitely much spongier, but it’s hardly as noticeable when they are fresh and still juicy and crispy on the outside layer. The chicken does seem a bit difference both in appearance, flavor, and texture from the original, but that could all be in my head.

Overall I admit I was a bit off in my original review. Getting fresh nuggets that hadn’t been resting under a heat lamp all day made all the difference in the world.

Updated Score: 8.0/10 (Great)

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9 thoughts on “[Food Review] Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets (UPDATED)

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  2. “Wendy’s has the absolute best chicken nuggets around, no questions asked.”

    Do they not have Chick-fil-a in Indiana?

  3. @Kaitis Not in Terre Haute where Everyview is based, the closest one is an hour away in Indianapolis

  4. Does Chick-Fil-A even have chicken nuggets? I thought the closest thing they had was like chicken fingers or something.

    At any rate, Wendy’s buggets are definitely the bomb. I remember having a bday party there when I was like 6 just so I could get their nuggets for my birthday dinner. Haha. Good times.

  5. I’ve always found the opposite to be true – I find a lot regular Wendy’s nuggets here in NC are gross and have that sponge-like texture, while the spicy nuggets I had yesterday were VERY crispy. I think it depends on how long they’ve been sitting out or something. I’d try them from a different Wendy’s in your area or ask the employees for some fresh ones and see how that goes.

  6. You definitely need to ask for a batch of fresh ones next time because I just finished eating some spicy chicken nuggets and they were awesome. Definitely spicy and crispy.

  7. @ Kaitis

    I’ve only eaten Chick Fil A a handful of times, and I’ve never gotten the chicken nuggets. Partially due to the fact that, as Michael Bricker pointed out, the closest one is a decent drive away, and partially because, like xTruePanda, I didn’t know Chick Fil A had real chicken nuggets (oxymoron). I’ll definitely check them out when I get the chance, though.

    @ Ryan and James

    I’ll have to do that. As I stated, I really wanted to like these little guys. It’s entirely possible I was fed from a bad batch. I’ll post an update after I get some fresh nuggets in my tummy.

  8. Wendy’s def has the best nuggets ever. I also noticed the difference in texture when I first tried the spicy ones. I’ma hit wendy’s during lunch when they’re sure to be fresh so I can try them again.

  9. I tried the Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets back in December. I thought they were good. I see what you mean as a far as the chicken nuggets being more of a browner color than the regular chicken nuggets. The Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken nuggets are also good. Maybe you should try them. They look very similar to the way they’re shown on the menu and they have more heat than the Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets. You would really like these.

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