[Games] Perfect Dark (XBLA) – New Screens

Check out these gorgeous new shots of the upcoming winter title, Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade. The original is without a doubt my favorite FPS game ever, so it’s wonderful to see a remade game with HD visuals.

5 thoughts on “[Games] Perfect Dark (XBLA) – New Screens

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  2. That looks absolutely fantastic! You don’t really realize it until you look at some shots from the original, but this is an insane improvement.

  3. Actually Zac, I do know how fantastic they look. I went back onto my N64 and beat the game the moment I heard they were redoing it for the (XBLA). Although it’s sad to know that this wont have multi-player online enabled.

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  5. @ Justin

    WHAT!? Really, no online multiplayer? Wtf?

    @ r4i

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