[Energy News] Mini Chill Giveaway at Minichill.com!

A while back I reviewed an anti-energy shot called Mini Chill, a product that helped you cool off, focus, and relax instead of hyping you up with energy. It was very effective and I enjoyed it so much that I awarded it a near-perfect 9.0/10. It’s a truly spectacular little drink and I highly recommend it to everyone.

I know what you’re thinking. “Oi, I’m Zac Pritcher and I’m so busy eating cereal that I don’t realize some people aren’t well-funded enough to purchase such products! Herp Derp!” Am I right?

Well then, this is your lucky day. The folks over at Minichill.com are hosting a contest in which you will have the chance to win a not only an entire case of Mini Chill, but also a $50 gift card for you to spend on whatever you want! For a full list of rules, head on over to Minichill.com.

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