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Blood Energy Potion is a new energy shot from Mana, the people behind both the Mana Energy Potion and Health Energy Potion, two products which have established themselves as fantastically effective energy shots despite their seemingly “novelty” vibe. Plus they look like something straight out of a video game, and that’s something I can totally dig. But Blood has a completely different theme than its predecessors, ditching the WoW crowd and attempting to capitalize on a whole new breed of human beings. The Vampire fans.

I hate vampires. There’s just nothing about them that appeals to me, and as far as I’m concerned they are the lamest creatures of supernatural lore this side of Frankenstein’s Monster. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a 13 year old girl enfatuated with the series of horrible Twilight books and movies, who knows? Most likely it’s because I’m a zombie guy, and I always have been.

Still, when I first saw Blood I was drawn to its clever packaging and unique one-of-a-kind theme. Packaged inside of a hospital-style IV bag, Blood Energy was designed not only to look like real human blood, but to have similar nutritional make up to real blood as well. Disgusting? No, it’s awesome! I may not be into vampires, but I’m all for some faux-cannibalism here and there.

The packaging is riddled with lighthearted blood-related jokes and puns like the use of the word “Fangtastic” and advertising the fact that it is garlic free. The back of the bag even has instructions for how to heat the drink to 98.6 degrees to get that fresh out of the vein feel. It’s a really entertaining package and a brilliant marketing tool.

That’s enough gushing about the clever packaging, it’s time to get on to what really matters. The drink itself.

bloodenergybagI will admit that I was a little scared of what Blood might end up tasting like. After I twisted the cap off the bag and got a whiff of the super sweet fruit punch aroma I relaxed a little bit. The delicious scent covers any mineral or vitamin odor and possesses a nice blend of sweet and tangy, just like a good fruit punch should.

The taste is a mixed bag. While the drink is in your mouth the fruit punch flavor is pretty good, even a little refreshing. You will notice a slightly thick texture and it’s easy to taste the vitamins, but overall it isn’t too bad at all. Once you swallow it however, your mouth instantly dries up and you are left with an uncomfortable grainy feeling on your pallet. It is only temporary, lasting maybe 6 seconds, but it is definitely noticeable.

I was really disappointed with the lack of kick from Blood. Both the Mana and Health Energy Potions deliver fantastic boosts of energy to the consumer, so I was expecting the same from Blood. The kick came pretty quick, yielding apparent effects about 20 minutes after I downed my first bag. I felt comfortable, noticing a decent boost in my energy level without ever feeling jittery or spastic. Since the kick wasn’t extremely powerful I was expecting it to at least last a decent amount of time, but unfortunately all effects were seemingly gone about 2 hours after they came.

Each single-serving bag contains 3.4 oz of Blood for $3.99. This price isn’t as insane as I was expecting, since a lot of shots cost $3.99 or more for a 2 oz serving. Blood may not perform as well as I had hoped, but I don’t have a problem spend four bucks on a bag of Blood simply for the novelty spirit of the product.

Final Words

Blood is a really unique, interesting, and fun product. It may not be entirely effect as an energy shot or drink, but it has plenty of things going for it. It capitalizes on the recent vampire craze, but also appeals to weirdos and geeks like myself with its awesome concept and wicked packaging. If you’re into vampires or just think it would be cool to carry around and drink a bag of blood, you should keep an eye out for this product. If you are looking for an effective energy shot, however, you are going to want to look elsewhere.

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  • One of the most creative and unique products I’ve ever seen
  • Looks like real blood
  • Has similar nutrients to real blood
  • Very entertaining packaging
  • Sweet fruit punch flavor


  • Vampires
  • Dries out your mouth
  • Lackluster kick

Score: 7.0/10 (Average)

Aroma: 7.75/10
Taste: 6.75/10
Kick: 6.0/10
Value: 7.5/10

4 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] Blood Energy Potion

  1. I got some of this from Hot Topic and it was pretty gross. Nothing I’m ever going to buy again at least.

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  3. That stuff looks and sounds like it would make me gag. Hard.

    Vampires used to be cool though, much cooler than zombies.until twilight turned vampires into faggots, that is.

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