[Games] No Midnight Mario Launch Party at Gamestop, Try Wal-Mart

For all you hardcore Nintendo fans out there who can’t wait until sunrise tomorrow morning to get their hands on New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be disappointed to know that Gamestop is not having a midnight launch party for the highly anticipated game, likely because they are too busy prepping for a midnight launch of Assassin’s Creed II.

All hope is not lost, however, as good ol’ Wal-Mart will be releasing the game at midnight at the majority of its stores across the nation. While you’re there grab some cheese balls and a few cases of Monster, because it’s going to be a long night of platforming fun.

We will have our review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii up as soon as possible, so keep checking back.

9 thoughts on “[Games] No Midnight Mario Launch Party at Gamestop, Try Wal-Mart

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