Super Mario Zombie

This was my costume last night. I was really proud of how it turned out, so I figured I’d share some pictures with you guys. The whole thing cost about $20 to put together, and most of that was on make up. I borrowed the bib overalls from a friend, bought the turtleneck for $8 from Walmart, and the cap is the Club Nintendo Elite prize. I did all of the makeup and such myself, and my girlfriend helped me make the gash out of clay.


There are more pictures after the jump.




9 thoughts on “Super Mario Zombie

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  2. Haha, that’s AWESOME dude! I guess the club nintendo hats are good for something afterall!

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  5. Wow man, that’s really awesome! Props to you for such a great costume. Also, that wound on your left cheek looks really legitimate!

  6. @Review Spew

    I seriously doubt I could ever get my girlfriend to glue that thing to her face, and if my some miracle I succeeded I know she wouldn’t let me sit on her face. Mustache rides are out of the question for me 🙁

  7. I like how you’re smoking in that third picture. Mario obviously died from cancer.

    Really, though. Fantastic costume. The make up is great and the idea is hilarious. Just plain awesome.

  8. Sadly, I think it’s official (as if there were any doubt) that we, as Everyview contributers, are GIANT nerds. How can I say this? Because one of my costumes was also Nintendo themed. I was a Wii Tennis player, complete with Wii Tennis Racket Remote and douchey attire. You win though.

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